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A Psych To Remember

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I took alot of time thinking about these and writing em down, so please read.

There are 3 different lifestyles. None of them are better or worse, just different.

The Love, The Logic, and The Legacy

Every choice you make, every thought you take, every step you trod in life determines how you'll leave a mark. Although you can view yourself in more than category, you will always lean more to one of the three.

The Love - This is the type of person who believe that if they leave a lasting, positive impression on at least just one other person, their life is fulfilled. The only thing that matters to The Love is the person next to them. They do not seek wide acceptance per se, but would rather find a few good friends, one special someone, and they wish to make others happy. However, things can work out badly for The Love, as they may devote themselves easily, and can lead to troubles for themselves. The Love is fairly optimistic. The Love is the type of person who would prefer to be with friends or a special person on a Friday night, and would just like to be in good company.

Examples include: The person who gave you a toonie to buy a pop, the person who would do anything for you, the person who you believe you should spend the rest of your life with.

The Legacy - A very ambitious personality, the Legacy is concerned with leaving the biggest impression they can on the most amount of people. They do not care how, they want to be remembered for making a difference. The Legacy will go to great lengths to impress other people, and although The Legacy can be positive, their tendency to do whatever it takes may lead them astray. Career-wise the Legacy wishes to be known and make a very decent amount of cash. Money plays a vital role in The Legacy's life, and in many circumstances, may judge



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