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A Place Where I Belong

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We all know thta Home is a place where we feel safe the most. It's also the place where most of our, or should I say, my unforgettable moments happened. A place where you can always consider the most comfortable one. But home doesn't only associate to the physical aspect. It can also consider the aspect in where the people can be compared to home. My family is my home, as a simple as that. Considering I have been with them since the day I was born. The days were I havr struggles and the moment I have joy.

My parents symbolized as a home. They were the first and still the one that's making my home a unique one. Considering them as the first who've struggled and encountered the circumstances, I'm so proud that they conquer it all and made it as an inspiration to become stronger and better for us. Without them, I will not experience the things or moments that I've been experiencing all throughout my way. They are my source of strength in facing every fear that I'm into.

I also consider my grandmother, mother and her two brothers as a home because no matter what happens , their love and support to us will never fade. Thete were times when we encounter financial shortage, they were always there to help us, even though they are not near to us and they have their own family. Everytime when they go to our house, I can say that their respect to their eldest sister, which is my mom was always the same back when they were children. They are ones of my home since they show case to us or me rather that brothers and sisters should always respect , love, support and help one another.



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