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A Person I Admire

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Mesha Dole

English Comp 1

Greg Badura

                                                                   A person I admire

My mom has done so much for me when it comes to raising me, making sure I had a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to eat. She always put all 6 of her kids before her, she makes sure that we’re okay and have everything that we need before her own self. My whole life my mom has been working to make sure that bills are paid in the house. Growing up my mom and I clashed a lot when I was in high school. It was more of a faze for me. I felt like I was growing up and my behavior was changing. My friends and I would stay out very late doing no good. I would get in trouble at school and get suspended. I was just being a disobedient teen. Looking back at the stuff that I was doing I realize my mom wasn’t trying to be controlling she just wanted the best for me and for me to get my stuff together. The stuff that I was doing was impacting me and my mom’s bond. Some days I wouldn’t talk to her and just go straight to my room. I never wanted to be home and I just felt as if my mom hated me. One day my parents were going out of town they left me to babysit my little brothers that are 7 and 9 years old. While my parents were gone my friends called me and wanted to know If I wanted to go out to this huge mansion party with them and of course being the hard headed 16-year-old that I was I agreed to go. When I was out my mom called the house to check on us and she asked my little brother Ali to give me the phone and my little brother told her that I have left them home alone. When my parents came home the next day my mom and I got into the biggest argument ever and I left. That was the last argument that we’ve had. I no longer talk back to my mother or break her rules. My mom is literally like my best friend now. Our bond is unbreakable and it will forever stay that way. Moving out of my mom’s house and living on my own at my college dorm made me realize so much. Over the summer we did everything together from going to the nail salon or just running errands together. My mom is my most hard working and dedicated person I have ever met and she deserves nothing but the world. I have so much respect for that lady. I am also my mom’s daughter out of 6 kids so she always tells me that she’s glad god only gave her one girl because I’m a hand full. Now mother’s day is one of my favorite holiday’s. Mother’s day this year by all means was the best! My brothers and I all put in to get my mom a plane ticket to go see her sister in Utah. We also bought her a brand new flat screen TV and I got her lots of expensive jewelry and went shopping for her and got her new clothes because I know her style. Everything we get her for mother’s day, Christmas, etc. doesn’t compare to the stuff she has done for us and the effort she’s put in to raise her children. Also my mom is an immigration so they had to leave Africa during the war and come to America and start over from scratch and make a living out of what was given to her. She had to learn a whole new language and adapt to her new environment and in my opinion she did a great job. If I can go back and change my behavior during my teen years, I would in a heartbeat I regret everything I put my mom through and now I’m doing my best to make it up to her.



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