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A New Kind Of Dreaming

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The most important message of A New Kind of Dreaming is that everyone needs someone to relate to. Do you agree?

In the novel A New Kind Of Dreaming, by Anthony Eaton, we find out what is the most important message in the novel and that being, everyone needing someone to relate to. Anthony Eaton shows us throughout the novel how the characters relate to and are affected by one another.

Jamie, being the main character has early experiences in Port Barren which then emphazize on how him, as a character relates to another. When he first arrived in Port Barren he didn't expect much, but just thought that he'd just serve his time and get out till he realised he was alone, family-less, having no-one to depend on and no-one to relate to till later on in the novel. He meets Lorraine and Cameron. Which he then evolves from being a self centred, stubborn person to becoming a different person and thinking of others person. This obviously made Jamie change which all initiated him making friends and becoming more trustworthy towards people and not so cautious.

Lorraine was a great help to Jamie as she was his social worker and helped look after children who needed help, care and support. Their relationship grew stronger based on trust, honesty and confidence but started on a narrow path as Jamie never trusted and was very cautious of social workers. Lorraine saved Jamie when he was in a life threatening situation and was always there for him when he needed her.

Also Cameron was one of the only people who didn't judge Jamie before they got to meet him. Towards the end of the novel they gained a strong friendship as he supported Jamie all the way and helped him survive in Port Barren being in the situation that he was in. For example when Jamie was stuck in Flaherty's Curse and Cameron saved him when Jamie was cuffed to the poll in the back of a ute in the hot scorching



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