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A Nation Blind by Presidential Elections

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A nation blind by marvelous presidential elections

The current president of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, is radically changing the economic course of the country without the consent of the population but with the pretext of progress. It is clever to know that after the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo the country went through a lot economic, social and politically disequilibrium. Many factors have damaged economy in the Dominican but the most significant might be the political factor given that past presidents were not able to either conclude their candidate plan or implement an advantageous change in the nation.

The economy in the Dominican Republic is going through a lot of mediocrity and distortion of the governmental funds. The current president, with many representatives of the different districts, has created a new fiscal reform in order to improve the quality of life in the country but without seeing the effects on the middle/higher class. The financial system, which is being implemented, is comparable to the concept of Cuban system used by Fidel Castro which consists in taking from the rich to help the poor and by that create equality. Government affiliates stated that the new president is trying to approve the construction of a new tributary regimen more “equalities” and the creation of “better conditions of competition”.  

Promises are only promises when they stay asleep. The majority of the candidates elected to be Presidents are phonies given that they give the community false guarantees and their constant slogans are no more than innumerable expectations. For instance, Danilo Medina affirmed in his speech for the presidency that he will “improve what is done and do what has never been done.” In desperate times, people make desperate choices. The residents are struggling to be heard since the president and its cabinet wants to alter countless aspects of the Dominican economy in only four years.



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