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A Modest Proposal For Marijuana

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Essay Preview: A Modest Proposal For Marijuana

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Each year the United States government documents drug related deaths in our country, breaking the deaths down into categories of cause. These categories include tobacco, alcohol, prescription medications, illegal drug, and of course marijuana related deaths. Every year the number of deaths coming from marijuana is equivalent to zero. So why is there even controversy over the issue of legalization? Obviously, there are still some people out there who believe the drug is a topic for concern in our nation. In recent years, there has been tremendous progress being made in the field of medicine. University hospitals around the country have been proving again and again that the drug poses no threat to human health and well being, even among patients who have used marijuana excessively. Recreational use of the drug marijuana will most likely continue until the end of humankind. Because of this, legalization of marijuana should be instated to prevent illegal trade of the drug and to shut down the black market. Many people are proposing the legal trade of marijuana in our country. To allow for this, some individuals argue to tax the sale of the drug just like alcohol and tobacco. State governments in the United States are beginning to push for legalization and the decriminalization of the drug. It is possible that after years of debate, many people are beginning to see the light and understand that marijuana poses no negative effects on the body, only positive effects when the drug is used safely for both recreational and medicinal purposes. These positive effects come in the form of treating many illnesses such as arthritis, simple aches and pains, nervosa, relief for chemotherapy patients, migraine headaches, asthma, glaucoma, epilepsy, and eating disorders. (

According to a UCLA study conducted in 1997, marijuana carries with it no real potential to increase the possibilities of lung cancer, nor does it pose any threat to the human brain. Unlike alcohol and tobacco, which are legal substances in our country, marijuana has been proven to hold no power to increase health problems when used responsibly and not in excessive amounts. For the last century there has been an abundance of false information being spread about the drug marijuana. Even in commercials on television, misleading facts about the drug have been presented to the audience. Some misconceptions about the drug include its potential to cause addiction, the damaging of brain cells, genetic damage, violent behavior, and damage to the immune system. These misconceptions, which have plagued a large percentage of the population into thinking that marijuana is a bad drug, have caused many set backs in the process of gradual legalization. ( )

In order to gain an understanding of marijuana's so called "harmful" negative effects; it should be compared to other drugs that are presently legalized in this country. In the pharmaceutical world, over-the-counter drugs are being prescribed for everything these days. Ritalin and Adderall are readily available for college students in the university health centers across the country. Kids are staying up all night studying, complaining that they can not pay attention, and are immediately referred to the prescription drugs which in many cases they do not even need. Along with the prescription drug problem in our nation, we have a serious issue concerning alcohol and tobacco. Alcoholism is killing people daily with liver malfunctions and heart problems yet this substance is still legal. Tobacco is also distributed in large quantities in our country and has been proven to be one of the leading causes



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