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A Look Into The Life Of Jfk

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This is a short biography on John F. Kennedy. In this biography you will learn biographical data about J.F.K., interesting or little known facts, why I chose J.F.K. for my biography and information about what I heroes.

We'll start off with why I chose J.F.K. for my biography report. I chose John F. Kennedy for my biography report because I find that almost all of his life is very interesting. I first discovered my interest in J.F.K. when I was watching a show about his assassination which took place on November 22, 1963. Now that I've done research on J.F.K. I have found that almost his whole life is full of interesting things. I think that if everyone knew all the information I've found on J.F.K. then they would wish he were still alive or if they already wish he were still alive then like J.F.K. more than they already do.

When I got J.F.K. for my biography project I was extremely happy because of how interested I am with J.F.K. and now, after all I've learned about him, I'm even more interested. J.F.K. led a very interesting life and I finally know why everyone was so upset when Lee Harvey Oswald killed J.F.K.

These are my reasons for choosing J.F.K. for my report.

On this page you will learn what I think it means to be a hero, if I think my person was a hero, why or why not, and how I think a hero is different from a celebrity.

In my mind a hero is someone that can inspire you to do better in school or be a better person or make you want to do something good. A hero is someone that you look up to as a role model in my mind but it doesn't have to be anyone famous it could be a parent or anyone you want it to be.

I think that to many people John F. Kennedy was a hero because how great a president he was for his time in office. For some people he was an actual hero that saved their lives but you will learn about that later. J.F.K. had some great plans for his second term in office but they never happened because of his assassination.

I believe my person was a hero because he was such a great man and because for some people he was an actual hero that saved their lives. So yes I would definitely say my person was a hero.

I think that in some ways a hero and a celebrity can be one in the same but having a celebrity as a hero because of the roles they play in a movie isn't a good idea because they're just pretending. If a celebrity is a hero to you because of how good they act or direct or because of what ever they do is fine. I think that the biggest difference between a celebrity and a hero is that celebrities are famous whereas a hero can be anyone, they don't have to be famous or well known.

On this page I will tell you the biographical data about John F. Kennedy.

J.F.K. was born on May 29, 1917 in a place called Brookline, Massachusetts that was also his childhood home. His family had two summer homes that they would visit as well. John lived with his mother Rose Kennedy and his father Joseph Kennedy. John also lived with his eight siblings; the better-known ones are Robert who was assassinated, Teddy who is still alive and a Senator for Massachusetts, Joe Jr., who died when his plane blew up during WWII, and Kathleen "Kick" who also died. John, "Kick", Joe Jr. were the three eldest of the Kennedy children. John died on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas at the age of 46.

John attended Choate a private school in Wallingford, Connecticut from 1931-1934 then went to college at Harvard University from 1936-1940. After he graduated from college John signed up for the US Navy from 1941-1945 and (with some help from his dad) became the commander of PT boat 109. After the war John, between the years of 1947-1960, was a Congressman for Boston, Massachusetts and Senator for Massachusetts. In 1953 John married Jacqueline Bouvier then just four years later he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for biography for his book, Profiles in Courage. Then in 1961 John was inaugurated as the 35th president of the U.S. and had to deal with the Bay of Pigs incident. Only one year into his term John had to deal with another ordeal, this one would be known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Three major events would happen in the year of 1963 one would be the "Ich bin ein Berliner" or "I am a Berliner" speech at the Berlin wall, second would be the nuclear test ban treaty being signed and last and probably the biggest would be the assassination of President Kennedy.

Earlier I mentioned that Kennedy had been in WWII and that he had been the commander of the boat PT 109. Well there is a very interesting story behind all this.

It all started on August 1, 1943. Kennedy was in command of his boat, which was stationed, along with a dozen or so other PT boats, between two small islands in the Pacific waiting to intercept some Japanese cargo ships. Keeping a lookout Kennedy and Ensign George Ross spotted the Japanese destroyer at the same time. Kennedy had just enough time to shout an alarm to his crew before the destroyer tore through their



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