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A Letter To The People

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To the public,

This page will not be grammatically correct or have good spelling but i hope you still get my point.

Today is December 17th, which leaves us with only 8 more days until Christmas. I try and try but I cannot get into the Christmas spirit. I usually have spirit but this year i have finally noticed what is going on around me and so I have stepped out of my ignorance to bring forth the truth to you. The problem, ladies and gentleman, is not me but it is the world. It is the immorality and mans weakness.

Some things that bring the spirit down are money issues, images that we see, and the fact that we have lost the true meaning of Christmas. I'm going to bring what these are out of the darkness and bring them to your attention.

Do you even know what Christmas is about? Its about giving and the birth of Christ the Lord. Its not about presents and greediness. Its not right how when we think of Christmas the first thing we think of is a big fat man dressed in red coming down our chimneys and giving us goodies. We should think about love and sacrifice. Your supposed to have the spirit of Christmas, and the spirit of giving. So where is the spirit? Where is Christmas? Where Is God in this Godless country? Are we too focused on being 'politically correct' that we forget what it really is? This is the holiday that celebrates Jesus's birth. Its about Christ, it's a Christian holiday. Don't you dare try to change that.

Another reason it is so hard to get into the Christmas holiday spirit is because of money issues. Have you ever heard you or your parents complain about low money around this time of year? I know I have. And how can you enjoy the holidays when money is the main concern? You don't have to spend money on Christmas gifts. Even if you do it doesn't have to be a lot of money. Besides, homemade presents are much better. The three wise men just brought what they had to baby Jesus. The best things in life are free; love, life, friendship, and happiness. As they used to say, it's the thought that counts.

This is the holiday with cards, ads, and messages all over the world just circulating. This season billboards, commercials, and magazines are filled with Santa and other festive icons to get you to buy things. Christmas is every salesman, companies, and head haunches dream come true people are buying things left and right. I guess in reality it just reverts us back to the money issue. So I guess the reason we fallow the ads and media is because we are all sheep being herded by multi-market companies and industries. We need to change this and stop conforming to it. One day there will be a billboard that reads, " Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays." there will be no add, no propaganda, just good wishes. The day that you see that billboard is the day that you know I, Adrienne Zobell tried to make a difference in this world.




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