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A Journey Into A Clockwork Orange

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Essay Preview: A Journey Into A Clockwork Orange

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A Journey into A Clockwork Orange

Action, rape, murder, drugs, brainwashing; these are all of the things that happen in A Clockwork Orange. This is a story about a young boy named Alex and his group of friends that terrorize the streets of the neighborhood. Although the book and move are similar, there are a few differences in the characters, setting, and themes.

First of all, many of the characters in this novel are the same. The main character is Alex. He is the leader of his gang of friends, which he calls droogs. His gang consists of Dim, Pete, and Georgie. There are a few people that aren't in the book though, such as Marty and Sonietta. These are two ten-year-old girls that Alex rapes in the book. However, in the movie these girls are seventeen. Also, in the movie it's not considered rape because it is consensual (<http://www.Fofweb.



Next, the setting is slightly different. As critic Victoria Gaydosik says, "A Clockwork Orange portrays a dystopian near future world." In the movie the story takes place in the UK. In the book it doesn't really say where the story takes place. However, everything else is the same (<


In addition, the opening and closing of the book and film are different. The book opens up with Alex and his gang of droogs at the Korova Milkbar. This is a place where Alex and his friends would go and drink milk that was laced with drugs. The film opens up with Alex's rival gang raping a girl. Then he and his droogs beat them up. The ending is a little bit different because the book goes on and extra chapter than the movie.

Furthermore, there are many of the same themes of the book and the movie. Critic Ruben Ravinovitz says, "In Anthony Burgess's most famous novel, A Clockwork Orange, the most obvious clash of values is between the lawless hero



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