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A Heart-Touching Essay--For Unbreakeable Friendship

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Essay Preview: A Heart-Touching Essay--For Unbreakeable Friendship

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It was1953, it was spring, and it was a great time to be a kid!

The boy and his friend watched their kite soar gracefully above them in the sky over the large open field. The boy was eleven, and although they were a grade apart in school, they were the best of buddies and did everything together.

It was getting late, and the two friends decided it was time to go.

The path out of the field went by an old apple tree, and for the past week or so they had been watching a large yellow caterpillar who had made his home on one of the branches, They didn’t see the caterpillar today. Instead they noticed a large, grey, lifeless looking cocoon, and they wondered if their yellow friend had died. But it was getting very late, and the boy’s friend said his stomach hurt, probably from hunger, so they didn’t wonder about it too long, and continued their walk home.

The next morning the boy and his friend walked to school together as usual. They decided to start getting their bicycle-built-for-two back together. Neither friend had a great bike, but when the rear wheel was removed from one, and the front fork of the other attached, it made a super fast and fun vehicle!

Noon came, and when the boy entered the cafeteria to find his friend, he was told that his friend had gotten sick..

The boy hurried home to see if his friend had returned from the hospital yet. When he was back at home, his grandmother told him that his friend had suffered an attack of acute appendicitis. By the time they got him to the hospital it was too late. The poison had spread throughout his body and he had died just a short while ago.

His best friend was gone.

There was no one to take him to the funeral, and so he decided to go to the field. He hadn’t had much experience with death. He had seen dead squirrels and birds of course, but a person, that was different.

Why did things have to die?

Where did they go?

Why did his best friend have to leave him?

He walked slowly down the road to the field, carrying the kite. As he passed the apple tree he noticed the dull, grey cocoon was broken open. There was nothing inside, it was just a cold empty shell now, and there



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