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A Good Night Sleep

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A Good Night Sleep.

A good night sleep is an important need that helps to improve the health and the heart system, increase the energy and productivity of the person. Not just that, but the person can stay always fit and happy; have a better mood and even a longer life. Researchers found that one night lack of sleep can cause the body skin to lose firmness, moisture, elasticity and make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. That’s why lot of athletes tries hard to have a good night sleep as to chase the stress and stay always fit and healthy. So a good night sleep is an important thing in people’s life, and as to have it, people have to follow 3 steps: sleep early at night, turn off every technology that will distract the person to sleep late and eat healthy food before going to bed.

The first step that a person has to follow to get a good night sleep is to sleep early at night. Sleeping early makes the person get up more active and happy. His body will rest more hours, so he will be safer, not sick, and he won't feel tired during his work day.  Not just that, but the person will have more energy to start his day comfortable. For example, if a worker doesn't sleep early at night, so he doesn't get much sleep that will affect the work he has to do that day, and also his thoughts. He will be more tired, thinking just about sleep. Also, when you try to sleep early, you will stop thinking about negative things in your life, or your problems. All you do is put your head in the pillow, and have a deep sleep.  

As we all know, technology like television, computer and especially mobile phones are the reason behind our day stress. To be more specific, playing with these things in the late hour before sleep makes our night sleep not good. However, these technologies can distract people and make them lack of sleep which can cause health problems. Not just that, but the light exposure from these technologies affect the brain, and can lead to headache. These sorts of health problems can cause the person a difficulty to sleep at night. Also, these technologies distract the person, so that he will sleep till a late hour in the night. After that, when he will have to wake up early in the morning, he will be more tired and stressed because of lack of sleep. In addition, not turning off the mobile phone before sleeping is a worse thing. So, if phones ring or beep throughout the night, it will cause sleep perturbation. As results, these technologies will lead to a bad night sleep and health problems.



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