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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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A Good Man is Hard to Find

The story is about a family who decides to take a vacation to Florida. When they were planning the vacation the grandmother wanted to go elsewhere since they already visited Florida and because there is a killer known as the "misfit" on the loose. They drive there together with Bailey the father, the grandmother, the wife, June Star the daughter, John Wesley the boy, and the newborn baby. In the car they play games and the grandma would tell stories. They then stop at the tower for lunch. It was a barbeque place owned by Red Sammy. While they wait for their food June Star started tap dancing to some music. Then the grandma began to talk to Red Sammy. They talked about how good people are hard to find and that people are different now a days. Once they eat they continue to drive and the grandmother brings up the fact that she knew of a plantation with a house that has a secret door on it. When the kids heard that they wanted to visit the place so they began to argue with the parents. Eventually, they won and they agreed to drive by it. So they start driving there and it was on a dirt road. Something went wrong and they had a bad crash. Everyone made it out alive and walked away from the crash. As they were getting over the shock a car started to drive up. In the car there were three men. The men got out slowly with guns in their hands. The one man was older and without a shirt. The other two were younger men. The kids told them about the accident that they turned over twice and the man corrects them that it was only once. The man then tells the mother to keep the children near her when John Wesley asks about the gun. The grandmother then realizes that the man is the "misfit." Then the misfit tells Bobby Lee (one of the younger men) to take Bailey and the son to the forest. The rest of them hear two gun shots from the forests and Bobby Lee comes back.



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