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A Dream That Came True

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A Dream That Came True

It all started on a hot August day, the first day of Middle School football practice.

I was kind of scared to be honest, because I was one of the smallest on the team, but what I lacked in size I made up for in speed.Truth be told I didn’t get to play much until the starting running back broke his hand in the game. Now I felt bad for him don’t get me wrong, but in the back of my mind I was happy that I finally got my chance to shine on the football field. Now when I went in I was very nervous, because it was my first time playing in an actual game. So coach tells us the first play and it’s to me! The Quarterback hands me the ball I run right up the middle, but the middle linebacker is waiting on me and hits me as hard as he can and I fumble the football! I came off the field with my head down I mean I couldn’t even look my coach in the eyes let alone my teammates. When everyone came up to me and told me to keep my head up, that’s when I felt what it really meant to be part of a team. So the next time I go in the game is tied up and we only have ten seconds to score and we are on the thirty yard line! So coach calls a screenplay to me and it worked! I caught the ball and ran right past everybody and we won the game! After that game we went undefeated!

Now after the season we had the whole town was excited about what we could do at the next level high school! Now our first year we were not ready at all because everyone was a lot faster and stronger than we were. When the season ended we went 1-9, it was the worst record in school history. Everyone was disappointed even we were, but the team was young so we kept our head up. Now as we became Sophomores and Juniors things didn’t go as planned. We had a lot of injuries including myself. It happened the third game of Sophomore year, I had just got an interception and no one was around me I was talking it to the house. Then out of no where I hit the ground after feeling the worst pain I have ever felt in my life go through my hip and down the side of my leg! Turns out I had pulled my Hip Flexor. I was out for two whole years. It was one of the most depressing time periods in my life, because I couldn’t do what I loved to do the most play football.

Finally by the time football season started during Senior year I was one hundred percent. It was time to show everyone what we were capable of. Our first game was against a school rival that we haven’t beat in fifty years! They were called the Columbia Lions. It was a close game the whole way, we even went into double overtime! The last play of overtime we had the ball I was quarterback. The center snaps the ball and it goes flying over my head, I run back to get it and I'm scrambling around and out of the corner of my eye I see our Fullback in the endzone. So I threw the ball as far I could, but as I threw it I was crushed by a defensive lineman. Then all I hear is the crowds roar and the announcer comes on TOUCHDOWN WILDCATS! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing we had finally beat them. I look up and it’s my teammates they pick me and we just went crazy, I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life.

The next game was also a big time rivalry the Giles County Bobcats. This game was kind of like a bowl game called The Cowbell Game. Now the winner of the game got this big trophy that looked like a cowbell and the winning team had its schools name and the year they won engraved on the bell. It was a good game but we were trailing the whole. By the time the fourth quarter started we were down by two touchdowns and they had the ball. Our morale was down and it wasn’t looking good, because their offense was unstoppable the whole game. They drove down to the ten yard line things were looking bad, then all of a sudden I heard FUMBLE everyone got off the bench and ran to the sideline. We seen the referee point his hand toward our end zone, the sideline went crazy. At last there was hope we had the ball on their fifteen



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