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A Dream - Personal Essay

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It was just another beautiful day in Cameron Highlands. I was watching my favourite video in computer when my parents suddenly walked up to me and said, " Could you please done your homework first before started to see these useless video, as the saying goes ' duty before pleasure'." I was furious at first because this is my most favourite video, so i push them out from the door and slammed the door shut. I immediately curled up on my bed to cool myself down without realising that i was actually slowly falling asleep.

I found myself in a country that i don't know. I very sure that i in Malaysia right now but suddenly i come to Korea but the most shock thing is i'm in a room... or should i say studio. Then suddenly a woman aged about 25 to 30 come in to a room and i ask her where i am and her face reaction showed that asking me are you alright. The woman then tell me that i'm in YG entertainment right now because i been accepted to be a trainee here and she is my translator because i still in learning Korea language process so i shocked and just nodded and say thank you.

The girl just bring to me a room that full with so much trainee and i started to nervous and the woman tell me to introduce myself to them so i started to introduce myself. The thing after these is really fun but is hurtful in the same time.



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