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A Day In My Dream House

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A Day in My Dream House

I just finished my daily habit of jogging around the neighborhood and I was walking slowly towards my house. It is a single level American style house with a small beautiful garden. The house was coated with pale pink paint and a brick-red roof stood onto it. The house looked like it was well taken care of.

As I kept walking, my eyes were pampered with the colorful flowers, which made a gorgeous contrast with the green mowed grass. I could see a stack of yellow chrysanthemum that stood perkily beside the blooming red roses. Then I glanced to another side of the garden where the purple orchids and pink hyacinths sat next to each other against the wall. The combination of the flowers, the grass, and the soil gave out a very natural smell. At the end of the garden, there was my garage where I parked my shiny black BMW XLR.

I opened the white painted main door and again, my soul became serene because of the pastel-colored walls, which were dominated by green, peach, and yellow. The parquetry covered up the floor. I could smell the lavender scent from the burning candles that was placed on the desk situated on the right side of the room. There stood by my left side the luxurious living room. A grandeur crystal chandelier was hung exactly above a set of soft and comfortable white leather sofa. Opposite of the sofa, a big painting of a fine-looking wood house in a village was hung on the wall firmly.

After that, I walked at a gentle pace through the three-step ladder in front of me and went straight to the dining room. There was a rectangle white table with six white chairs and a basket of fruits with bananas, oranges, and apples laid on it. They were all arranged nicely. Sunlight could permeate through the windows into the dining room. After doing physical exercise in the morning, I needed to replenish the energy loss, so I grabbed one of the yellow bananas and ate it. After I finished eating, I walked to the kitchen which was attached to the dining room to throw away the banana skin. The kitchen was filled with high-technology cooking appliances and lots of cabinets to store food supply. It was very bright because the sunlight passed through the glass ceiling. There were a small stove with an oven, a small microwave, and a refrigerator.



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