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A Comparative Study Of Antiseptics Used In Wound Care

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Essay Preview: A Comparative Study Of Antiseptics Used In Wound Care

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This study entitled “A Comparative Study of Common Topical Agents used in the Clinical/Hospital Setting In Promoting Wound Healing” investigates the commonly used topical agents in the clinical/hospital setting to determine which is relatively faster in comparison to each other in promoting wound healing with regards to decrease in wound size. White mice were used as test subjects since mice DNA is approximately 98% identical to Human DNA.

Wound healing has been defined as a complex and dynamic process that results in the restoration of anatomic continuity and function. Wound healing is analogous to building a house. Adequate supplies must be available to build a house. And this includes topical agents which aid in wound healing through different mechanisms like prevention of infection, keeping the wound bed moist and keratinocyte migration to name but a few.

Research on Wound healing has been done over the years. Various topical agents used to aid in wound healing have been tested to determine which is ideal in promoting the healing of wounds.

The study has 4 replicates per test group including a control group: T0 (Control), T1 (Hydrogen Peroxide), T2 (Betadine), T3 (Plain Normal Saline Solution), T4 (Betadine+Hydrogen Peroxide). An abrasion wound was applied to the mice and treated with topical agents daily. The decrease in wound size (cm) were measured daily for a period of 10 days and the data gathered were subjected to statistical analysis.

At the end of the 10-day experiment period, T3 (Plain Normal Saline Solution) promoted the fastest decrease in wound size (cm) followed by T1 (Hydrogen Peroxide), T2 (Betadine), T0 (Control) and T4 (Betadine+Hydrogen Peroxide).

This study’s findings recommend further research and extension of the duration of study, increasing the number of replicates per treatment and experimenting on different combinations



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