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A Child Called It

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Author Dave Pelzer

Publisher Health Communications Inc.

3201 S.W 15th Street

Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442-8190

Main Characters "IT" "Mother"

Where the story takes place?

In Daly City California.

When dose the story take Place?

March 5,1973.

Character study

Name Dave "IT"

Dave is an abused child his mother disciplines him by not feeding him dinner and no breakfast. His mother is a crazy lady. In the book she beats him and has stabbed him in the stomach. He goes to school with burses and the nurse has to check him every day and for new marks on his body.


Pg 86 Fazed

Book Sent.: Even Russell wasn't fazed by her threat.

Def.: disconcert, disorientate.

Own Sent.: I was fazed by my grade on the test.

Pg 87 Consciousness

Book Sent.: As I regained conscious, I felt a warm sensation flowing from my chest.

Def.: Awake and aware of ones surrounding and identity.

Owe Sent.: I was consciousness when my mom got home and the house was not cleaned.

Pg 88 Charade

Book Sent.: This whole charade of living like a slave had come to an end.




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