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A Better Tomorrow - Dream of a Startup

Essay by Tamanna Roy  •  January 23, 2019  •  Essay  •  1,398 Words (6 Pages)  •  85 Views

Essay Preview: A Better Tomorrow - Dream of a Startup

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A Better Tomorrow

I only have a handful of tomorrows that I can be a witness of compared to the uncountable tomorrows that have aligned themselves one after the other through eras and ages ,that together stand as something something that we can recall and refer to as the big journey that we refer to as.. “Life”. It is not only the personal life that is being talked about, it is the greater life..the wiser life, the consciousness that sustains civilizations. It is the coherence that holds the world together with all its mighty judgements, of fair and unfair. We look around and we see only the things that belong to our time. If we delve deeper ,we see things that are impending in our near future.. and the ones that we have set our feet on, to step into the successive windows of life. The present is just another window that is also about to shift to a newer one, and time is nothing but a continuum. There is hardly any demarcation of time, except for the significant changes and the important developments that can separate an era from another. The concept of a tomorrow can vary from person to person. Basically if there was nothing called ‘sleep’ , we could hardly differentiate between a ‘today’ and a ‘tomorrow’. We all look forward to tomorrows ,because of the sense of optimism and immense possibility that is associated with the word itself.

‘When you think all is lost, the future still remains’ ..said one of the pictures that my mother had hung in our drawing room wall. It had the image of a road leading to a seemingly empty but beautiful cottage, and there were huge number of trees on either side of the road ,their branches mostly empty and leaves piled up all over the ground beneath them. There lies a serenity somewhere that has the power of making your past come alive in your senses and lighting it up with mostly good memories..just like a bonfire will crackle up an otherwise very melancholic and chillingly cold December evening. It also has this aura that will linger as you step right into the picture and start taking baby steps towards the house,without a single wrinkle on your face ,smiling all the way as you walk.. That picture ,to me was ‘Time’.

Tomorrow is an unexplored territory. One will always hope for the better and the best, as hope for a better tomorrow is all that sustains when nothing else does. It might happen that when tomorrow becomes today, nothing exactly goes right. But that’s where the concept of a tomorrow ,rather the idea of a better tomorrow shines. Tomorrow is thus as soothing as hope.

Having accepted a day as it is ,must be very strong of you, for once it’s welcomed instead of being warded becomes a part of you and your journey. One actually might end up having a better today and that’s more than anything to ask for. Better in terms of being prepared,.. better in terms of having the courage to face a tomorrow that awaits, than having to carry the weight of an eternal anticipation. Is reality more close to us or is it the shadow of it that lingers ..? A better tomorrow is not one where we get everything in a better way that we have asked for, it is that one day in our life where we actually would have mustered the courage and the zeal to make everything better from our end. Better for ourselves and better for the universal balance.

It is in our own home, and within the protective arena of its four walls that we feel safe. It is the sunlight that we look at in the morning and with that sip in the coffee we feel ..better. But beyond that serene, soothing sunlight that makes our eyes close in comfort, there is a world, with its share of stories. Stories that belong to people. Some that I have heard, some that I haven’t . Out there, people are large in number , their struggle is larger. They are thinking about today and its proceedings. They are making today work. A tomorrow, whose thoughts I preserved yesterday night..before going to sleep, has come alive today all around me. My tomorrow from yesterday night has begun to feel so very better, as their today shines bright. And yes, I am a part of them.

So today, as I look around I see my time. I scroll my eyes down the calendar,and away again ,outside the wide-open window. I see a time that has rolled 2017 times since a time that was apparently just the beginning..and I know with all my belief that there was time before that,and ..even before that. I see the face of the changing dynamics of the world,how it has grown up ..grown younger on the outside,and a whole lot older within.



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