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"A Beautiful Mind'

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Essay Preview: "A Beautiful Mind'

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Reactions to "A Beautiful Mind"

My responses to A Beautiful Mind varied greatly. Initially, I thought about how intelligent the main character must be. I felt sorry for John Nash, whose feelings of loneliness, sadness and depression prevailed as he struggled to find a focus for his project and a place in the student social hierarchy. I frequently wondered what his connections to home were; without them and with lack of family support, he became socially awkward. I was amused by his interactions with women. His bluntness in asking for sexual favors and his responses to their reactions was intriguing and disorganized.

I became happy for him when he developed a meaningful relationship with a woman. However, I continued to wonder about his absent family and their non-involvement in his wedding and his scholarly accomplishments. His star gazing and observations about star patterns was intriguing and again, a testament to his genius.

Well into the movie, I was shocked to learn that he was living simultaneously in a world of delusions and hallucinations, as well as in a world based in reality. I remained shocked when I learned that the intense government work and the characters involved in his top secret work were real only in his mind. I respected his courageous wife when she committed him to a psychiatric facility. I can't imagine how a spouse can experience reality while his/her life partner is living a separate reality.

Most provocative for me, was John sitting in his garage, enclosed by walls covered with all the maps and magazine articles that he used for decoding. I appreciated for the first time, the chaos that John experienced in his day to day life. This scene brought home the reality of this devastating disorder.

The movie inspired several professional considerations. I hope that I will develop during my nursing career, some



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