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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Sheree D. Fuller

University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

There are a lot of telecommunications companies in today's market, but several years ago it was only one main company and that was Global Communications (GC). Lately GC has had several problems to arise with the company. Now that the telecommunication world has expanded a lot more phone company are offering better service than GC which is causing the company to have to make some major changes. Several problems has spawn during this time, GC is now having to try and out source the company to international companies to try and help solve the financial problems they are experiencing. Now with them having to outsource the company the employees are risking losing there position and with this they have now called in union representatives to try help them to try and hold on to there position or either to receive a good severance packet to help them and their families maintain the life style they are used to living before all this took place.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

With the communications world growing rapidly GC is starting to become out dated. With other telecommunication companies coming up, they are giving GC a lot of competition. Not only different phone companies but also cable companies have started to offer home phone service. With all the competition it is starting to affect GC business financially wise. The company has to come up with some different approaches in order to try and save the company. They plan to realize growth through the introduction of new services, primarily to its small business and consumer customers. With this they will introduce the way they can service them with both local and long-distance markets across the country. To there problem but at the same time do not want there employees to find out. The company will take a risk if the employees find out that they might lose there jobs because GC is going to have to outsource to an international company in order to maintain the company. Saying this if GC has to outsource then that mean that they might have to cut jobs here in order to be able to bring in the international people. If they have to start cutting their people over here then they will have to pay severance packets. When companies start having to talk about paying out severance packets that sometimes can be costly.

Global Communications has to entertain the notion of outsourcing the company. By doing this GC would partner with international interests to bring in a varied group of potential business opportunists. Thus, cutting costs of employee pay at home and boarding their business spectrum abroad. By GC having to cut costs of their employees this will effect the families of the employees and the Way they live. With GC outsourcing to international companies they will be forced to cut their company based employees so that the international company could bring in their people. The reason for this move is so that they can try and turn around some of GC problems within the company. By cutting their employees, this will affect the way the employees and their families are used to living. Usually when a transition such has this happen many employees are put in a difficult position on what decision to make about either staying with the company and taking a risk of being let go or to go ahead and try to find other position with other company. With happening that is why GC has chose not to tell the employees about the problems they are facing. If the company let the employees know then they will spend more money in overhead trying hire new people and get them trained, so therefore the will not let the employees know about the possible upcoming decision they are having.

With GC having to create new ways to try and save the company they partnered with wireless providers who will allow the small business owner anytime internet access using a wireless telephone or PC cards. (Scenario: Global Communications) This will allow GC to expand there market to a variety of people. The reason for this is because now days a lot of people are mobile, a lot of companies have employees that travel and it is easier to use a laptop on the plane then trying to wait unit you get to were you are going so that you can try and use a desktop.

GC has hired an excellent staff to try and make this transition a success, one of the employees Katrina Heinz is their Chief Executive Officer; she is a native of European global long-distance provider. Katrina main objective is to increase both revenue and profits through more aggressive globalization; she is very experienced in globalization. With Katrina it should give the company a major advantage being that she is experienced with the international markets.

There are several things that GC can do to try and solve the issue with the company but they



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