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8-2 Scenario Analysis: Promotion

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1. The assistant chief should consider the number of male firefighters to number of female firefighters who works at the fire department. Also, he needs to consider how many males and how many females applied for promotion. He needs to also consider at what significant level should the results be provided.

The recently promoted firefighters were found to be promoted regardless of gender at a 0.05 significant level. Interpreting the information in the hypothesis test from the excel spreadsheet which shows the F value as 6.713375 and F crit as 3.158843, we should reject the null hypothesis.

There is sufficient evidence to conclude that at 0.05 confidence the means of all 3 groups are different.

The evidence for the means being equal is very weak.

The company will need to do more to ensure that all its groups are saving consistently. More education of the benefits of saving can help with this.


3. The assistant chief should inform the chief that he is 95% confident that bias did not plan a role in promoting the last batch of firefighters. He should also told him he used the chi-square test which measures the significance between 2 independent variables, in this case, gender and being promoted and the test concluded that both are independent of each other.

4. A presence of gender bias in promotion can lead to employees filing a discrimination lawsuit against the fire chief, the county and the state. If an employee believe he/she was unfairly overlooked their work productivity may decrease and as a firefighter someone can get hurt or possibly die. More qualified candidates will apply elsewhere since it is shown that both man and women are not treated equally. Moral among coworkers will also suffer.



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