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3 Google'S Entry To The 'Telecoms Industry'

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Essay Preview: 3 Google'S Entry To The 'Telecoms Industry'

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Google is significant dot-com company which define its mission: '... to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.' (Google, 2007, online Corporate Information). Google is now widely recognized as the world's largest search engine and as a company that does business on the Internet. Google generates revenues by providing online advertising and online search services.

1 Analysis of Google's position

The question 'If should Google to enter the telecom industry' needs to be modified, since Google had entered as early as January 2007. Google announced a partnership with China Mobile, the world's largest mobile telecommunications carrier, to provide their users with Google mobile search, as well as a collaboration with Samsung that puts Google products and services on selected Samsung phones (Google, 2007, online press centre). These deals are continuation of dealmaking among network operators, internet providers and makers of telecom equipments around the world (see Appendix 1). So, the question should by 'Will Google be able to move into new services offering voice calls?'.

Useful model to assess Google's position on the telecoms market is SWOT analysis based on matrix internal/external factors against positive/negative factors.

The essence of SWOT analysis is to discover if there are:

* some threats and opportunities in external environment,

* and identify strengths and weaknesses within internal environment.

1.1 Strengths

Google is good at:

* a strong brands name,

* good reputation among customers,

* having deals with some of telecoms operators,

* having deals with some of makers of telecoms equipments,

* having strong online advertising channel,

* having launched free high-speed wireless service.

1.2 Weaknesses

In case to entry the telecoms market Google's management should seek to reduce or eliminate:

* low market share,



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