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22nd Amendment On Bush

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This article presents an issue that states a possibility that the current President of the United States is considering to run for another term for the next election. In order for such an event to happen, Amendment XXII would have to be abolished, thus giving the President to serve unlimited terms if elected properly. With the situation at hand, several people think this should be encouraged because if a President serving more than two terms would most likely mean that the people are voting for a strong and effective yet consistent leader, which can lead to a positive outcome. However, to other's perspectives, it can sabotage separation of powers and therefore destroy the election process.

From my standpoint, I believe that there can be consequences depending on the result that arises from this situation. The article stated that George Washington called himself President simply because he wanted to show that he is not similar to that of a king or dictator. Bush has been viewed by certain, however small groups of the public that his actions are that similar to a dictatorship. However, if Bush continues his service as he did before, he can ultimately continue his aspiration of the elimination of all extremists in the world. On the downside, if Bush continued his service, several people who are against his beliefs are likely to act in riotous behavior because most problems are still present with the people within America itself, whether financial or personal such as soldiers who are continuing to serve in Iraq and other Middle Eastern operations.

If the amendment were to be repealed, Illinois would definitely disapprove of the action that Congress can potentially make, and therefore a demand for impeachment is more likely from the communities with democratic beliefs. One of the purposes of term limitation was so that there can be a change in policy. With the consistency of changes in policies, the community would be able to benefit from the previous leader's policies, plus the newly elected leader. Personally, I think that with Bush having a chance in serving another four years, there would be a positive outcome because of the services he has been giving not only for the dire purpose of serving America, but the world as well. As



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