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The movie 1776 displayed in great detail the fear and frustrations are founding fathers endured to implement our freedom from England's tyrannical rule. Ratification of the Declaration of Independence was the main frustration that our found father had to overcome. Also the movie demonstrated the unique characteristics of are nations major inventors, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. If it was not for these gentlemen, our nation would most likely cease to exist.

The ratification of our freedom was the one of the most stressful jobs for congress in 1776. The fear of defeat, if a revolution was attempted by the colonist, plagued the minds of the delegates because they knew that they stood to lose all of their property, wealth, family, and their own lives, but if there was success, they stood to gain a new country governed by the free. In the end the key issue that decided if the document was to be enacted or not was not one influenced by fear but one of ignorance and this was the definition of what a free man should include, which the southern colonies wanted to exclude Africans due to their status as slaves. This eventually happened with the wise guidance of Benjamin Franklin who had to remind others of the importance of focusing on independence before civil liberties for slaves, which would not happen for another hundred years in the civil war.

The character of the declaration writers was very interesting. They all seemed to flow together very nicely and in a very unusually way seemed to balance one another out. John Adams for example was a very loud and out spoken individual who was so thick headed that it made him hard to agree with though he had very valid points throughout the film, especially his cry to end slavery during the formation of the declaration. Thomas Jefferson on the other hand was very quite person who seemed to be floating in the clouds majority of the film



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