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13 Going To 30

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13 going to 30

I have seen a movie which named <13 going to 30> before. I think it is a good movie and it gives me a lot of feelings.

This movie tells a story about a girl’s life. This girl named Jenny, and she is a girl who wants her to be cool and beautiful. So she wants to turn to a 30 years old woman. On her 13 years old birthday, her one boy friend made a “Jenny dream house” for her, and send her a kind of mysterious dust----wishing dust, which said it’s wishing dust knows your heart and your dreams will come true. With the wishing dust’s help, Jenny came to her 30 years old life and she found that the adult’s life was not like her thinking, it’s a kind of reality and cruel life. Everyone use every method to reach the aim of everyone, and there is no love, no moral, no happinessвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚¦After finding the truth, again with the wishing dust’s help, Jenny came back to her 13 years old life and change her idea, then she had a happy ending!

I have already lived in this world for 21 years, though it’s not so long, I have a lot of feelings about life. Somebody think that the lifetime when you spend in school is the happiest life. Because there are less things about money and survival in the school. I think it’s true! When we are students, we needn’t to consider how much can we earn and which lives can we live, so we have little stress, and we can live in an easy style, then we have good mood to manage our friendship and love. When I was young, I had longed for being an adult. I think when I grow up, I needn’t to study and I have enough freedom to do anything. But now, though I am still a student of university, I no longer want to walk into society. Although after you have worked, you no longer have to complete the homework and exam, you



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