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12 Angry Men Paper

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I will be writing my paper on the 12 angry men movie that was presented to us in the conflict management class. The 12 Angry men movie was a great and interesting, controversial, and prolific, and intriguing film. This film was about a boy who murdered his father or supposedly murdered his father because depression or guilt. He has been taken to trial and he is now on trial for the murder of his father. The boy claims to be not guilty and that’s what he has told the jury but when the jury goes to the back to do the deliberations we find out the everyone in the Jury is claiming that he is guilty of the crime of murder.

The entire plot of the movie is very interesting and somewhat suspenseful because the people of the jury were going over the words of the boy on trial and claiming that he has told a lie and now the members of the jury have deliberated against his speech in court and his claim to be innocent. After hours of deliberation and different deliberations by the Jury in the back office the jury still has not come up with a solid conclusion to the young boys case.

There were many different conclusions and different deliberations that were going on throughout the trial of the boy that supposedly killed his father. There were many different deliberations that were present during the trial and also the boy did have an alibi that proves that he was not the murderer in this case. The young boy claims that he was at the movie theatres watching a movie when his father was killed and that this was an excuse enough for him to be not-guilty in the murder. Some of the Jurors believed this statement some of the Jurors did not believe the statement. Basically the rest of the movie was based on trying to figure out who the murderer was and to come to unanimous verdict about who the actually committed the murder and the need to try this young man for the death and murder.

Then one of the Jury members says that he needs to go to a baseball game and this incident causes a hullabaloo within the Jury chambers room where the Jurors are all still trying to come up with a verdict and unanimous decision for the boy that is accused of murder. With votes going left and right the Jurors are still in the courtroom deliberating and coming up with a decision from the members of the jury to find out whether the young boy would be guilty of murder or not.

Throughout the deliberation the jury finds out the one of the jury’s baseball games that he was suppose to attend has been cancelled. Now that all the Jury is present in the deliberation room, the deliberation continues to take place, the movie ends with no side of the jury selecting a guilty or not guilty verdict for the young boy. This movie 12 Angry men was a great movie.



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