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12 Angry Men - Jury Characters

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Juror # 1: He is the foreman on this jury. He takes his role very seriously but is seen at times to lose control of the proceedings of the group of jury members that he is supposed to oversee.

Juror # 2: He seems to be the most timid and nervous member of the jury. He is easily swayed by the opinion of others.

Juror # 3: He is the most vociferous member of the jury. He has some very strong opinions which at times appear to not be backed by any logic. His character shows some signs of sadism ingrained in him.

Juror # 4: He is a strong character who presents himself and his thoughts in a respectable manner at all times. He's main concern is facts and he's opinion is not swayed by any non-factual information about the case.

Juror # 5: He has lived in slums for a large part of his life and appears to suffer from a sense of low esteem as a result, which becomes obvious at various parts of the proceedings.

Juror # 6: He is a house painter who is happy to be a part of the jury as it means that he doesn't have to work. He is accepting of views which differ from his own.

Juror # 7: He portrays an air of indifference to the case. He's main concern is whether the proceedings will end before the baseball match whose tickets he has bought, starts.

Juror # 8: He is the only member who voted "not guilty" in the first voting. He's main concern was that the trial was not handled in a proper manner by the defendants lawyer. He wanted to examine the evidence more thoroughly to see whether there was any room for doubt about the case.

Juror # 9: He is a mild mannered, gentle old man with a very keen sense of observation. He also values the efforts of juror # 8 and supports him with his own perceptive inputs.

Juror # 10: He is an abhorrent character whose bigotry becomes more and more obvious as the movie progresses.




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