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10 Decisions In Operation Management In Hard Rock Cafe

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Essay Preview: 10 Decisions In Operation Management In Hard Rock Cafe

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1. The 10 decisions of operations management in regards to the Hard Rock Café is as follows:

* Service and product design

o What good or service should we offer? Conduct customer surveys/polls and have comment cards available to customer to keep up with current trends/

o How should we design these products and services? Based on past success of rock and roll heritage and Ensure you stay engaged in customer relations in order to receive valuable feedback.

* Quality management

o How do we define quality? Hard Rock Café defines quality as receiving a 7, on a scale of 1-7, on a customer feedback card, anything else would be considered failure.

o Who is responsible for quality? All Hard Rock staff is responsible for quality, from the manager, cook, hostess, server, etc.; each member is expected to provide the highest standard of services and goods.

* Process and capacity design

o What process and what capacity will these products require? Advertisement is essential. Hard Rock brand recognition is 92%; the highest worldwide. Sample the capacity of similar restaurants and cafes.

o What equipment and technology is necessary for these processes? Currently, rock and roll memorabilia is displayed at cafés around the world, while changing exhibits to keep it alive. There are over 1000 pieces available to adorn the walls.

* Location

o Where should we put the facility? At locations worldwide, as the Hard Rock popularity is does not stop in the United States.

o On what criteria should we base the location decision? Popular tourist destinations

* Layout design

o How should we arrange the facility and material flow? The kitchen layout and design is critical to fast, efficient, and flow of operations. Items and equipment are placed in certain locations to decrease wait time and ease of working conditions. As times change, so does the layout of the store to accommodate the customers.

o How large must the facility be to meet our plan? Conducting environmental survey and assess the location (such as a high volume of tourists)

* Human resources and job design

o How do we provide a reasonable work environment? Recruit and train high energy personnel, with emphasis on highest standards of customer service. Hard Rock employees are passionate about music. The new emphasis on live music is definitely a side benefit of working at the Hard Rock café and may aid in attracting those employees that meet the Hard Rock staffing needs. Meeting tourists from around the world matches up with their engaging personalities as well.

* Supply-chain management

o Should we make or buy this component? This can be separated in a few different categories, memorabilia, merchandise, and food/drink. The 1000 pieces of memorabilia used to decorate the cafes are a one-time purchase/investment. The merchandise, food, and drink are purchased from reputable establishments.

o Who are our suppliers and who can integrate



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