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  • Specialized Patrol Funtions

    Specialized Patrol Funtions

    Specialized Patrol Functions When the streets become chaotic, and the neighborhoods are no longer safe, the communities turn to the help and security of the police departments. Among these duties, a police officer is responsible for traffic conduct, protecting live and property, resolving conflicts, preventing and controlling crime and above

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  • Specific Population

    Specific Population

    Specific Population and the Advocate Role Paper and Presentation BSHS/442 October 9, 2011 Jane Flournoy The role of an advocate is essential and paramount in the lives of individuals, who are often unable to speak for themselves. As a result, the ability to successfully advocate on behalf of others determines

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  • Speculative Causes Of The Spread Of Aids

    Speculative Causes Of The Spread Of Aids

    It is undeniable that AIDS and other STDs have spread faster than wildfire throughout the world. Since the late 70's, almost every continent has somehow dealt with or seen the effects of the sexually transmitted virus. Lack of health care, money, and education hinder the healing process in Sub-Saharan Africa,

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  • Speech Codes On College Campuses

    Speech Codes On College Campuses

    A Quick Fix: Speech Codes on College Campuses Beginning in the 1980's and going strong into the early 90's, speech codes on college campuses restricted the radical words that initiated protests by students, faculty, and staff members. Limitations defined by college administrators controlled the context and content of what its

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  • Speech Impairment

    Speech Impairment

    One particular personal issue I have struggled with throughout my life has been a speech impairment. At the age of 5, I began to stutter. It progressively got worse as the years went on. Finally, it got so bad around age 10 that my parents sent me to a 3

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  • Speech On Marijuana Legalization

    Speech On Marijuana Legalization

    Doobie, jimmy, joint, reefer, spliff, Jay, jazz cigarette, blunt, doob, L, ganja, grass, pot, bud, trees, and mary jane. There, I've said it. Feels good, too. Now, why are these words thought to be "bad". Some people feel weird even saying the word, marijuana. But why is that? Why

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  • Speech On Media

    Speech On Media

    Collegues, I would once again like to congratulate you, editors, journalists, scripts, and all of you working behind the projectors. Thanks to you, the BBC Media Group has acquired an important and at the same time stable position in the british medias, albeit on television or on the radio. Our

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  • Speech On Tanning Persuassive

    Speech On Tanning Persuassive

    Max-Anne Fuhlbrugge Professor Rochman Effective Communications 15 March 2007 Tanning: A tanning bed or sun bed is a device releasing ultraviolet radiation resulting in a cosmetic tan. Excessive tanning can lead to severe complications involving skin cancer and other skin problems, as well as eye deficiencies, even mental troubles such

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  • Speech Pro-Life For Public Speaking

    Speech Pro-Life For Public Speaking

    "When they took me into the O.R., I took a deep breath and went to sleep. When I woke up, I was in the recovery. I just felt so empty inside - one minute I had a life living inside me and 20 minutes later there's nothing. I just

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  • Speech Text Analysis

    Speech Text Analysis

    Speech Text Analysis In 1872 women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony was arrested for illegally voting in that year's presidential election. She gave a speech following the incident, in an effort to persuade her audience of her innocence and of the injustice done against her. Susan B. Anthony's speech on

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  • Speedbumps


    Speed Bumps In this generation, stereotypes flow like water and hasty generalizations form speed bumps in life, slowing the process of human progression. In a utopian society, the clothes that people wear would not be such an issue; in this world, baggy jeans may not represent delinquency and mistrust but

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  • Speeding


    The popular movie "Top Gun" coined a phrase that reads "I feel the need, the need for speed." Many drivers today would agree with that phrase. Speeding is one of the most common ways that people break the law. When people break the law there are unpleasant consequences. A speeding

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  • Speial Populations Paper

    Speial Populations Paper

    Barbra Alliano 5/28/08 Special Populations Paper BSHS 402 Walking into a nursing room one day I heard a nurse say to a patient,” You made this mess, you clean it up.” This is disturbing to me because as a social worker I must report this type of abuse. Within this

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  • Spike Lee's Bamboozled

    Spike Lee's Bamboozled

    The film Bamboozled integrates several types of racial roles and stereotypes throughout its narrative. One of the primary racial messages communicated by the film is the �conventional’ stereotype that whiteness is superior to blackness. Today we live in a society where racial identity is very important. Almost everyone identifies himself

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  • Split Classrooms

    Split Classrooms

    Two Classes, Too Many? From the time of the one room schoolhouse, we have placed children of different grade levels into a single classroom and expected a teacher to deliver the same quality of education in the same amount of time constraint as a single grade classroom. This trend, in

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  • Sports


    The Cons: The Problems/Dangers and Controversies of Cloning: So far, the success of the production of clones from adult cells have over-shadowed the fact that there were countless errors before the "perfect" clone could be produced. This leads to the problem of technical failures including mutations and retardation. Let us

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  • Sports Affect On The Mind

    Sports Affect On The Mind

    Don't we all have better things to do than sit around watching TV with racial/ethnic scorecards in hand? Your Sept. 21 editorial "Color TV" would answer "no." What a ridiculously stupid issue for anyone to get upset about. What's next, instituting a quota system for the Sunday comics? Or perhaps

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  • Sports And Juveniles

    Sports And Juveniles

    Extracurricular activities are a very important part of a young child’s life. It gives them something to look forward to, something they can do after school instead of running around on the streets. Extracurricular activities can range anywhere from a knitting class to being the starting point guard on a

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  • Sports And Money

    Sports And Money

    Proffesional Athletes High Salaries and Their Effects on Society In past generations and today's society, sports in America have played an important role in the shaping of American culture from one generation to the next. Whether it be the general pastime of baseball keeping Americans on the edges of their

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  • Sports Event

    Sports Event

    INDEX 1./What is an Event and what is an Sport Event? Page3 Definition and types Organization Main Characteristics 2./Elements to consider for the documents Page 4 3./The information and documentation in the sports events Page 5 4./The Olympic Games Page 6 Opening Ceremony Page 7 Closing Ceremony Page 8 Medal

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  • Sports Salaries

    Sports Salaries

    Sports Salaries Athletics in this country are bigger than ever. Today, more people are attending sporting events than ever before. Sports have a truly unique ability; they bring people of all races, genders, and social classes together forming one common bond, the well-being of the home team. For all the

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  • Sports The Opiate

    Sports The Opiate

    Welcome to the wide world of sports. With an array of sports gracing the face of the Earth we know it as a form of physical activity consisting of a partnership of play, and dramatic spectacles. Although definitions of sports vary, many scholars agree that sports are institutionalized competitive activities

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  • Spousal Abuse

    Spousal Abuse

    Title: Spousal Abuse General Purpose: To inform people about Spousal abuse and its affects Central Purpose: The affects towards both men and women Thesis: throughout history, it has been more common for spousal abuse to be given from the man to the women. In most recent generation it is

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  • Squirrel Attack

    Squirrel Attack

    Capone was born to Gabriele Capone (December 12, 1864 - November 14, 1920) and his wife Teresina Capone (December 28, 1867 - November 29, 1952) in Brooklyn, New York, at the turn of the 20th century. Gabriele was a barber from Castellammare di Stabia, a village about 15 miles south

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  • St Edokia

    St Edokia

    Above is the artwork of St. Eudokia originally found in the Istanbul Feneri isa Mosque, dating back to the 11th century AD (aprox. 330 -1453 AD), and the Byzantine period. Today it can be viewed in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum in Turkey and can be viewed by all as history

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  • Stalin


    Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Stalin) was born on the 21st of December in 1879 in Gori, Georgia, Russian empire to the parents of Vissarion Dzhugashvili and Ekaterina Geladze. When Stalin was 8 years old he began his education at a primary school in Gori. He continued his education at the Georgian

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  • Standardized Testing In The Us: Why It Does Not Work

    Standardized Testing In The Us: Why It Does Not Work

    In the United States, standardized testing is used to measure how knowledgeable or unknowledgeable a person is in a particular subject. According to the Council of Chief State School Officers website, standardized tests are defined as “a testing instrument that is administered, scored, and interpreted in a standard manner. It

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  • Standardized Testing: An Unnecessary Evil

    Standardized Testing: An Unnecessary Evil

    An American educator who was examining the British educational system once asked a headmaster why so little standardized testing took place in British schools. "My dear fellow," came the reply, "In Britain we are of the belief that, when a child is hungry, he should be fed, not weighed" (Bowers

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  • Standardized Tests

    Standardized Tests

    Standardized Tests Many approaches are made to test the intelligence of today's youth, and many are being created for tomorrow's youth. There are a number of ways in which a person's knowledge can be measured, but one method that is very popular throughout the United States is for students

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  • Standarized Testing

    Standarized Testing

    Say Nay to the SAT The SAT was introduced in 1901 and has become a standard in a young student's high school career. Millions of students worldwide take the SAT to distinguish themselves from others who may be applying to a similar college. Ever since, colleges have decided to use

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