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  • Phd.


    The Superior Higher Abstract Machine Though similar to the other well-established abstract machines ---SPAM (Simple Person's Abstract Machine), FNAM (French National Abstract Machine), JAM (Jelly-like Abstract Machine)--- the SHAM is more ``abstract'' without being any less ``machine''. The SHAM introduces the notion of meta-abstraction, or virtual abstraction, which is a

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  • Phi Beta Sigma

    Phi Beta Sigma

    Rho Gamma Chapter Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc Event Proposal Title: Money In Da Bank Date: January 2007 Objectives: This workshop for females is designed discuss the importance of being financially secure. Advisors will be on hand to talk about bank accounts, savings, credit, investments and other monetary options. In

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  • Philadelphia Assignment

    Philadelphia Assignment

    The Canadian Charter Rights and Freedom is applicable because there has been an Infringement made on Andrew Beckett's equality. The infringement that has happened is; Section 15 (1) of the charter, every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and

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  • Philanthropy History

    Philanthropy History

    PHILANTHROPY HISTORY Philanthropy began to formalise in Victorian England with the rise of industrialisation in the early 1800's. Along with this came not only the change in the economy due to the shift from agrarian to capitalist production, but also a re-evaluation of what it was that constituted helping people.

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  • Philippine School Vs. American School

    Philippine School Vs. American School

    Being able to go to school is a privilege. Here in the United States, they offer public schools to everyone without a fee but in other countries like the Philippines, they don't. The Philippines is one of the third-world countries which means that there's more poor people than rich

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  • Phillip Morris And The Tobacco Industry

    Phillip Morris And The Tobacco Industry

    Case Study #1: Phillip Morris Questions 1. Do you actually think Joe Camel led youngsters to become smokers when they got older? Why or why not? I believe that the children who saw Joe Camel and became accustomed to him, had more of a probability to become smokers than those

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  • Philoshpy of Educatin

    Philoshpy of Educatin

    Shayne Young Intro to Edu 2-21-16 Philosophy of Education “Confidence” One of the principal purposes of education is to feel comfortable and have confidence with what you learn. Some individuals can learn the material well, but when asked to recite the material or take a test they don[a][b][c][d][e][f][g][h]’t do well.

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  • Philosophy And Elements Of The Policy Approach

    Philosophy And Elements Of The Policy Approach

    Policies may simply be defined as the guidelines that govern the desired way of life of a group of people, and as a result they are often designed around the norms and values of a society. A policy is a plan of action designed to guide decisions and achieve rational

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  • Philosophy Case

    Philosophy Case

    Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Philosophy Question 1 The "Greatest happiness principle" according to John Stuart Mills asserts that, actions are right in proportion as they be liable to uphold happiness; wrong as they tend to create the contradictory of happiness. By happiness are anticipated pleasure and the absence of pain;

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  • Photo Observations

    Photo Observations

    Question one: Two photos stand out to me when considering restricted and controlling fashion. The "Family at home, 1890's," is one, and "men and women in business attire, 1950's ," the other. The former photo shows the women covered from the top of their necks to the bottom of their

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  • Physical Education And Inclusion

    Physical Education And Inclusion

    An inclusive school is a place "where everyone belongs, is accepted, supports, and is supported by his/her peers and other members of the school community in the course of having his/her educational needs met" (Stainback, 1990). Inclusion provides opportunities for students with physical or mental disabilities to interact with,

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  • Physican Assisted Suicied

    Physican Assisted Suicied

    Death in the Hands of Whom Should an individual be allowed to choose assisted suicide with the help of a physician, or be forced to follow their theological beliefs of the dominant religion they practice when life seems pointless? The choice of whether to live or not live is directly

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide

    Physician Assisted Suicide

    Physician-Assisted Suicide Physician Assisted Suicide has been a controversial issue long before Jack Kevorkian assisted Janet Adkins commits suicide using his homemade suicide device in the 1990s. Physician Assisted Suicide occurs when a individual with a terminal and sometimes excruciating disease expresses a desire to end their life to a

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Policy

    Physician Assisted Suicide Policy

    TITLE: Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized nationally? Central Theme: To persuade my audience that physician-assisted suicide should be an option offered to terminally ill patients. Specific Purpose: The Death with Dignity Act is working very well in Oregon. It should be available to all terminally ill United States citizens. I

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide: Legal In The United States

    Physician Assisted Suicide: Legal In The United States

    Physician Assisted Suicide: Legal in the United States "If only physician assisted suicide had been available to my father, as it is to the people of Oregon, I have no doubt he would have chosen it over taking a pistol to his head," says daughter of Lesley W. Angell (Angell

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  • Physicians For Human Rights

    Physicians For Human Rights

    As a global society it is important that we make sure every one of our fellow human being's global rights are protected. It's easy for national governments to make laws, and for international organizations such as The United Nations to say what qualifies as ethical treatment for people all

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  • Pictures In Our Heads

    Pictures In Our Heads

    Mind in the Media Today many people are affected by what the media puts into their heads. Many others, including myself, judge the media as hearsay and propaganda. In the essay " Pictures in Our Heads" Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson, on page 157, ask the question "To what

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  • Picturing Culture In Political Spots - Michael Griffin And Simon Kagan

    Picturing Culture In Political Spots - Michael Griffin And Simon Kagan

    In analyzing "Picturing Culture in Political Spots" by Michael Griffin and Simon Kagan there are a number of objectives. Namely identifying the justification for the study, justification for the artifact, the research questions posed and the methods used by the authors. Beyond that the real meat of the article must

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  • Pimps Vs Whores

    Pimps Vs Whores

    Oscar Garcia Prof. Wright ENG 306 Pimps Vs Whores Stereotypes cause people to react in different ways. They cause stigmas, which then lead to prejudgments because we think that what may be true for one is true for all. Society judge’s people by how they look (race) how they act

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  • Piracy


    Is the issue of borrowing software one of ethics? What should be the Christian stance on "borrowing"? The issue of 'borrowing' software is one based on ethics and morals. I would say that even those that consider themselves law-abiding citizens do piracy. It is something that happens so often, I

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  • Pisa Studie

    Pisa Studie

    „PISA und PSA-E - zentrale Ergebnisse der Bildungsstudie am Beispiel der Lesekompetenz" 1. Die PISA-Studie Durch die Studie soll den OECD-Staaten ein Ьberblick ÑŒber das Wissen, die FÐ'higkeiten und Fertigkeiten ihrer SchÑŒler gegeben werden. Anders als in zuvor durchgefÑŒhrten Studien (z. B. TIMSS) werden nicht nur Kompetenzbereiche aus der Mathematik

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  • Plagiarism


    Plagiarism is defined in the Encyclopedia Britannica Online as "the act of taking the writings of another person and passing them off as one's own". In my own words I define it as the stealing of someone else's literary work and taking credit for their writings. Sometimes it is

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  • Plagiarism


    Plagiarism Being a student there are times where it can become very stressful, you will end up having a lot of papers due at once. I have struggled with these deadlines and have tried to think of ways to get around doing the papers but have always ended up doing

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  • Plan B - More Than Just A Pregnancy Alternative

    Plan B - More Than Just A Pregnancy Alternative

    Plan B - More Than Just A Pregnancy Alternative If there was a form of birth control available that could greatly reduce the number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies in America, wouldn't you be all for it? As a woman who believes in the right to choose but also values

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  • Plan B-The Emergency Prevention

    Plan B-The Emergency Prevention

    Plan B-The Emergency Prevention The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is allowing a popular contraceptive to be sold over-the-counter, enabling women to pick the drug up immediately after intercourse or even keep it on-hand in case of emergency. According to Nicole Lombardo, the FDA has announced that it

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  • Plan Columbia

    Plan Columbia

    Plan Columbia U.S. involvement in the drug war in Columbia 3/16/06 Prepared for Latin American Politics by Shaine Hack Filename: C:Documents and SettingsShaine HackMy DocumentsdocumentsDocumentsLatin American-Plan Columbia.wpd Table of Contents > The battle for control on the war on drugs has been a constant part of litigation on both

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  • Plan For Creating Change

    Plan For Creating Change

    Freydia, a 27 year old drug addicted mother wants to regain custody of her children. Freydia has a documented drug problem and is currently seeking to enter a drug treatment program and regain custody of her children. There are several things that are going to have to happen in order

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  • Plan Of Action

    Plan Of Action

    Within the past year there have been many accomplishments regarding the plans to improve the status of America. For the new year I have a new plan of actions that we will carry out together as a country to allow improvement for our fellow citizens. One of the first plans

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  • Plasic Surgery

    Plasic Surgery

    Nature of Plastic Surgery A nip here, a tuck there and now science is making it easier to change the appearance of one's self. It's called plastic surgery and now more than ever people are taking part in these risky surgical producers. Not only are there obvious risks taken on

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  • Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery

    In today's society, the pictures of beauty can be seen everywhere around us, for example, posters, TV shows, movies, commercials and magazine advertisements. Because of these pictures of beauty projected all over, not only women are convinced to believe that they must look like these images in order to be

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