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The Wine Of Astonishment - Heroes And Idols

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Collage "The wine of astonishment"

The theme "Heroes & Idols"

The theme about heroes and idols plays a big role in the book "The wine of astonishment". The

question is: Who is a hero, who is an idol?

My collage is divided in two sides, the top of the poster board represents idols, the bottom stands

for heroes. In the middle I drew a lot of question marks and arrows, because in my opinion the line

between heroes and idols is very thin and UNTERBROCHEN. Heroes can be idols at the same

time, and idols can be heroes.

But there are big differences between heroes and idols, which I

tried to point out. For example the side of the idols is a lot more colorful, because idols are

always famous and popular, most of the time they have a lot of money and live a glamourous life.

So the GLITTER, colors and some pictures represent the lifestyle that idols live. Some heroes are

popular, but little persons who nobody knows can be heroes, too, so that side is a little bit lighter.

Everybody wants to be pretty, rich, talented, success- and powerfull. I put a lot of pictures

of movie stars, singers, athlets and politicians on the collage, because they ERFÐ"ÑšLLEN all these

adjectives. Celebrities that are in the TV, newspapers and radio every day are idols for many

people, because they are special and everybody wants to be like them.

Bolo was a very good stickfighter, a handsome man and every villager knew and liked him a lot.

He was like an idol for the people in Bonasse, because he was a better athlet than everybody

else. The soccer and tennis player on my collage represent him, because they fight for their

success, and they really succeed, as the man with the POKAL shows.

Another idol in the novel, at least at the beginning, is Ivan Morton. You can see that when Joyce

gets really excited just seeing him driving by. I glued Angela Merkel on the

collage, the german chancellor. She has a lot in common with Ivan Morton, because she was very

important to many people, because she was the first female chancellor in Germany. Ivan Morton was

the first african-american politician, but he disappointed his people. Angela Merkel didn't disappoint

the inhabitants as much as Ivan Morton did, but she didn't really change things either.

Heroes have stronger personalities than idols. They don't do what everbody else likes, they stand up

for their believes to make the world better. The woman

who bites on a neckless with the words "speak" represents this strongness. The words "speak" and

also the picture with the demonstration on it tell us that everybody should say what he or she thinks,

but not be violent.



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