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Select a Well Known Organization Which Had Experienced a Security Attack on Its Information System

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Title: Select a well known organization which had experienced a security attack on its information system.

Student Group: 6

Course Title: IT for Managers

Lecturer: Nguyen Ngoc Truong Huy

Date Submitted: July 14, 2017

Table of Contents

A. Executive summary 3

B. Background information 4

1. Overview 4

TicketBox Big Milestones: 4

Location: Vietnam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh), Thailand and Singapore 4

Website: 4

2. Services and operation 5

Notable sport events 6

Company structure 7

C. Information security in general 10

D. Security attacks 12

A. Executive summary

The information and technology have been dramatically changed the past few years.

• Our security policies and services must realistically match the threats we face. The processes we use to formulate policies and deliver services must be sufficiently flexible to facilitate change as the threat evolves.

• Our security policies and practices must be more consistent and coherent, thereby reducing inefficiencies and enabling us to allocate scarce resources effectively.

• Our security standards and procedures must result in the fair and equitable treatment of those upon whom we rely to guard the nation's security.

• Our security policies, practices, and procedures must provide the needed security at a price the nation can afford.

B. Background information

1. Overview

About TicketBox: TicketBox is the Asia's Premier Ticketing Platform for Events, Concerts and Sports. We’re about making it easy, convenient and secured for you to buy and sell tickets.

TicketBox is a start up company founded in 2013 with the name of Keewi. From 2016, they changed the official name to TicketBox. They built their own selling ticket platform, check-in applications. The headquarter is in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2015, they expanded in to Thailand and in Sep 2016, they expanded to Singapore.

TicketBox Big Milestones:

Mission: TicketBox is on a passion to make it easy, simple, convenient and secured for you to buy and sell tickets of any event

Location: Vietnam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh), Thailand and Singapore





2. Services and operation

TicketBox’ s service included:

_ Selling tickets

_ Advertising/ promote events

_ Provide check-in service

_ Provide solution for NFC, top up

The main services of TicketBox are divided into 2 sections:

1. Service provided for promoters/ organizers

_ Analytic information: based on big data of clients from 2013, TicketBox has built analytic function in admin dash board. The organizer can keep track on current sales volume, suggestion customer’s age/gender.

_ Mobile check-in application: this application was built to serve the organizers the easiest/ most convenient way to self check-in.

_ Marketing services include landing page creation, exclusive email, and online marketing.

2. Service provided for Ticket Buyer

_ Easy to browse and select the seats via seat map. Some very hot events like Ariana Grande.

_ Variety of payment options: make the most convenient for ticket buyer. They can choose to pay

• Cash/ Pos at the office – called office pick up

• Cash on delivery (COD)

• Credit card

• Internet banking

_ Convenient tickets delivery: E-tickets, physical tickets and NFC tickets.

Notable sport events

Company structure

The company is half tech company, it has full technology team, operations (customer service and logistic), business development, marketing and back office (Human resources, Accounting, Legal, Admin).

*The detailed organizational chart as showed below:








Management team


Management, set strategy, manage 03 countries




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