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Carbon Dioxide: An Odorless Gas Responsible For Our Climate Changing .

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Carbon Dioxide: An Odorless Gas Responsible for Our Climate Changing

Are we really responsible for the climate changing? Some say we are, and others are not so sure. However, there seems to be plenty of evidence that proves humans are largely responsible for their part in causing Global Warming. Not only are we responsible, but it's going to be up to us to fix the problem. There are many reasons for our climate change, but one of the biggest problems is Carbon Dioxide that comes from fuel. Braasch (2007) stated that "There is little scientific question the reason is a steep increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide -- CO2 -- from human use of fossil fuels". ("In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today -- more serious even than the threat of terrorism.¶ 6)

There are ways of stopping the climate from changing. One way is for us to starting carpooling. There are entirely too many cars on the roads and highways today. By hitching a ride with a neighbor or your significant other, we can cut back considerably on the amount of pollution we release into the air. The government can also do their part in stopping. They have finally acknowledged that it's a problem, but have now really stepped forward with a plan of action to help in resolving the issue. In any case, it's going to be up to us citizens to make the first move in the right direction to help in diminishing this massive problem.

Storms, tornados and other catastrophes are happening all over the world as a direct result of the climate changing. Gelbspan (2000) states that "last year, 1999, saw a record-setting drought in the Mid-Atlantic states, with declarations of disaster in six. A heat wave in the Midwest and northeastern U.S. claimed 271 lives. Hurricane Floyd visited more than $1 billion in damages on North Carolina". (A Question of Liability ¶ 6).

Our health without a doubt is one of the most important things we have. Global warming affects our health in a number of different ways. Due to rainy weather for instance can bring our certain types of insects that can have a detrimental effect on us. We're lucky, in that other countries don't have the types of resources to combat what they need to fight Global Warming. Kluger (2007) stated that "Carbon dioxide can be lethal; a fact grimly illustrated in 1986 when a giant surge of the stuff bubbled up from Lake Nyos in Cameroon,


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