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Nike Max Sight Contact Lenses

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Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses Descriptive Research Design

Designed for athletic individuals in need of vision correction, Nike’s Maxsight contact lenses were developed through a partnership with Bausch and Lomb. The new lenses are available in grey-green or amber colors, depending on the primary sport of choice. Offering distortion-free optics by reducing glare and boosting contrast help Nike athletes “See Sport Better.” In addition, the Maxsight lenses filter over 90% of harmful blue light and UVA and UVB rays (The Eye Center website, 2008).

To better serve Nike’s customers, the advertisements in the campaign are to be evaluated. It will be determined which advertisements consumers find most interesting and effective. Various descriptive research methods will be conducted, limiting observation methods to a simple, structured observation of inventory analysis at participation locations. Survey methods will include computer-assisted personal interviewing at various eye care centers, structured mail interviews, and a Customer Relationship Management platform utilized through Nike and Bausch and Lomb websites.

To obtain consumer preferences and effectiveness of the advertising campaign, a computer-assisted personal interviewing system will be located at selected eye care centers nationwide. An easy-to-use kiosk will administer the questionnaire via a computer terminal. Through the computer software, a help menu will assist participants as well as at least one trained staff member of the eye care center to act as a representative of Nike and Bausch and Lomb. Questions will involve customer satisfaction at the current eye center along with questions measuring brand effectiveness and perception. Some questions will be delivered to determine the respondent’s attitudes, demographics, and lifestyle characteristics. The most important questions used in the computer-assisted personal interviewing system will determine brand recall and awareness in relationship to the current advertising campaign. Upon completion of the interview, respondents will be entered to win a lifetime supply of Nike Maxsight contact lenses.

The most common form of surveys, mail interviews, will also become a part of the descriptive research design of the Nike Maxsight contact lenses. The pre-selected respondents will include previous customers of Nike eyewear (including contact lenses), as well as select Bausch and Lomb customers. The outgoing envelope will include personalized addressing and a Nike Swoosh to aid in brand recognition. Mail interviews serve to measure consumer preferences, and the questionnaire will be comprised of fixed alternative questions requiring respondents to choose from a set of predetermined answers. Questions will include product satisfaction levels such as:

• Quality of current contact lenses

• Satisfaction with Bausch and Lomb products

• Satisfaction with Nike products (general)

• Effectiveness of Nike


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