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Medical Billing

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Medical Field

Medical field is one of the biggest fields. When I mention the word medical, the first thing come up to your mind are doctors or nurses. Some people that never work in a medical office, they don't know there are much more position in medical file you could work at, like medical assistant, technician medical coder or biller. Someone like me, don't like to deal with patient. Medical biller and coder is a good opportunity for me to work at. But what are medical biller and coder?

Job Description

First of all, medical billing is a process of submitting claims to insurance companies in order for health care provider to receive payment for service. Medical biller is the person that deals with claims. There are two different kinds of biller: one position is to post payment into the data base system and also recognize rather the payment is paid correctly. They have to post very carefully, make sure it post into the right account. The other position is submitting claims to insurance companies and dealing with problem claims that denied from insurance companies. How to handle denied claim? Biller has to find out why it is denied by looking at the explanation of benefit (invoice) or by calling insurance company. They also try their best to get as much as they can from the denied claim. Medical coder is the person who uses read a medical report and gives ICD code to it. ICD-9 (International Classification of Diseases) is classifying diagnoses and procedures by a numeric system that identifies the cause of injuries or illness. Diagnoses and

Procedures codes are must include in each claim. A coder need to be focus because they

need to make sure it is a correct code for the claim. In a medical insurance company, a

coder job is to review a claim and make sure the code is a payable.

Average Salary By Title

Administrator $85K +

Apprentice $30K - $35K

Audit Specialist $40K - $45K

Billing Coordinator $30K - $35K

Billing Manager $35K - $40K

Billing Supervisor $40K - $45K

Coding Manager $40K -$45K

Coding Professional $30K - $35K

Coding Specialist $30K - $35K

Compliance Manager $55K - $60K

Consultant $85K +

Denial/Appeals Specialist $30K - $35K

Educator $40K - $45K

Insurance Manager: $60K - $65K

Medical Records Supervisor $40K - $45K

Office Manager $40K - $45K

Reimbursement Manager $30K - $35K


Requirement is depend from the office/company. Some office may require medical experience and certain degree/ certificate. I did a research at, almost all the companies require minimum of 1 year of experience and high school graduate. Insurance companies requirements are at least 2 years college, 2-3 years work experience or medical environment and must have the knowledge of CPT-4 and ICD-9 coding. Some offices like where I'm working at does not need any requirement, but you need to know the basic stuff, which are read, write and basic of computer uses.

Median Salaries



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