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Everyone Has Heroes

Everyone has had a hero sometime in their life. They either grew up watching their favorite actor on television, listening to their favorite singer on the radio, or just reading about a fictional character that one could only dream about. Heroes are a large part of people lives. Most all children grow up idolizing a specific person. People usually grow out of this phase, but it is not uncommon to see aged men with the same heroes as when they were young boys.

What is a hero? For some, a hero represents a person who lives up to age-old values such as honesty, integrity, courage and bravery. For others, a hero is someone who is steadfast or someone who sets a good example to emulate in the future. To many, being a hero means self-sacrifice, even of life itself, for the sake of others. And many find heroic those who are mere celebrities, as these celebrities receive notoriety and attention that anybody might want.

The real question here is why does society need heroes? People underestimate the impact heroes have on everyone around us. We may not recognize it, but the people we look up to and try to be like are our heroes. From a very young age, children start to admire their heroes. Whether it is on cartoons or Disney movies, they try to mimic everyday action.

Parents can be heroes as well. Most people look beyond their parents because their parents cannot fly or vanish in an instant. Our parents are heroes in a different fashion. We look up to them and strive to be like them. We hope that one day we can be successful and happy as our parents are. To be blunt, our parents are not our biggest heroes because that would be too boring.

Without heroes in society today, life would be dull. We would all basically have the same interests. Our heroes impact what we enjoy and dislike. If we admire a professional baseball player, and have for the majority of our lives, we probably play sports. If one looks up to a country singer, they probably not only enjoy that artist's music, but country in general. We may only like certain movies that our favorite actor's star in. If they are not the lead or not in the movie at all, we probably will not even attempt to see the movie.

Everyone should have at least one hero. They let us


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