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World War 2

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When we mention World War Two, society automatically thinks of all of the negative events it has brought to many countries including Canada. But what one fails to pay attention to, is some of the benefits that it has brought, as well as the positive effects on Canada. The first world war had a big part in it, which eventually gave Canada its independence. We must take note that World War Two played a significant role for our country. This is the war where Canada actually started to shape itself as a self reliant country.

The role of Canadian women during world war two changed quickly as they were more needed in society to fill in for the men that had left for the war, therefor being taken more seriously than ever before. Firstly, women needed a role model for them to be motivated to work in factories and this is where they found a girl name Veronica Foster who worked in a factory “popularly known as "Ronnie, The Bren Gun Girl", worked for the John Inglis Co. producing Bren Light Machine Guns and became the Canadian propaganda 'Poster Girl'” (Hutchison, A.) They called her Bren Gun girl because her job in the factory was to assemble Bren guns. Veronica played a huge role during world war two as she represented the working Canadian women as a whole. They chose her specifically because her and her family were the perfect war family for this due to the fact that her three brothers were at war during that time and she was working in a factory. While men were off at war, women took on almost all of their jobs “Canadian women enthusiastically embraced their new roles and responsibilities.” (Hutchison, A.) During World War Two many women went out and accepted jobs that normally men would have taken on such as building parts for aircrafts, working in factories and also driving vehicles. During the war the number of women who had stable jobs doubled to 12000000 which shows how eager the women were to start working. Not only did the women have to go out and get certain jobs in factories and what not but they also had to put in extra work at home in the farms “drove the tractor, plowed the fields, put up hay and hauled grain to elevators, along with tending her garden, raising chickens, pigs and turkeys and canning hundreds of jars of fruits and vegetables.”(Author Unknown, n.d). Not only did the women help out by keeping the factories going at home but they also helped out in the armed forces “More than 50,000 women served in the armed forces during the Second World War.”(Author Unknown, n.d)The women’s effort to be part of the war was successful and so they had finally opened up a spot for Canadian women in the war and so the military was forever changed. Women had played a very important role during World War Two, working not only at home to keep things running as normal as possible but also in the armed forces to help out. Canadian women changed the workplace forever due to the fact that today women in Canada are allowed to be any profession they wish. The attitude towards Canadian women changed completely as they were taken seriously.

Even though Canada was in a $10 million debt, World War Two was one of the major reasons as to why their economy boomed. Canada had a collection of weapons and military equipment also known as an arsenal stored for Britain as an overseas supplier of war material due to the fact that all of the Canadian war factories were safe from bombing. The supplies that Canada had given to the war was made quickly in large supplies which meant that they had made a various amount of factories. Canadian industries produced things such as military vehicles, tanks and armored guns which


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