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The Factors That Operate Against The Formation Of Centralized States Of Western Europe

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The factors that operate against the formation of centralized states of Western Europe were transportation and communication. It would be difficult to control a large area and also the different dialects & languages caused difficulties in communication and causes different culture to form. Another factor is the establishment of supremacy over numbers of rivals since the nature of inheriting control of states would give any rival the strong claim to legimacy Then, there are rivals with no claims, but have strong ambitions and they were usually the church, fortied towns, nobility and assemblies. Another factor was warfare from aggressive neighbors since what couldn't be inherited or married into could be conquered. The poverty of the monarchy is the last factor. Different language and culture, rivals with claims, rivals with ambition and power, warfare, and poverty of the monarchy were factors that all operated against the formation of centralized states of Western Europe.

England overcame these factors by Henry VII marring Elizabeth of York, so that both warring houses could merge. Then he and his son create a new peerage. Henry VII then attempts to squeeze every bit of money from his estates and with Thomas Cornwell help to wisely administer all the wealth to somewhat resolve the monarchy's poverty. Cornwell speeds up the centralized powers by creating separate departments of states for different functions and also expanded Privy's Council so that now all the heads of adminislative bodies are the king's executive bodies. Also Parliament begins to manage, so now the laws passed by Parliament are easily enforce.

France overcame these factors by the marriages of his son Charles to Heiress of Brittany and his daughter Jeanne to Heir of Orleans. They also conquer Lorraine and with the wars France experienced, it deplete the ranks of nobles which had their estates revered to the king due to no male heirs. Also with some luck, some


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