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Rule Of U.K

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The British

The British had a very hostile takeover of their territories. This can be evidenced by the early British conquest of southern Africa. The British took the Ashanti nation forcefully. The king of the Ashanti was publicly humiliated after surrendering. He was forced to kiss the British commander's boot. Other injustices were made against the Ashanti as well. The British quietly annexed the Ashanti's land in 1901, calling it the Gold Coast. The British public rejoiced at their victories in Africa. Any critics of their method of conquest were either silenced or ignored. Britain was greedy for land. It was said of South Africa that wherever water and good land are, British settlers must take over. In the takeover of present-day South Africa, civilians were attacked. Houses were torched, the natives were kicked off of their land, and barbed wire was put up where they had previously lived. This policy was politely named "pacification," but more appropriately called "hammering." Kenya in 1920 was filling with new immigrants. Half of the able-bodied men of Kenya became laborers to these newcomers. This is mainly due to imposed taxes. Native could not pay for taxes without a job, so they were forced to labor. The British had trouble getting taxes from many tribes, so they seized many small boys to be sent to school. These boys would later become the tax collectors for their own tribes. The story of Nigeria is somewhat different. Nigeria was occupied by the British so that France could not own the land. It was ruled indirectly. All of the previous forms of government were left untouched. They were overseen by British officials. The only change that a common person could notice is the addition of taxes. The British success in Nigeria is attributed to this partnership between the people and the rulers.


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