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Invasion of Iran in Second World War

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        Two years after the World War Two had started, Soviet Union and British forces invaded Iranian territories in order to secure fields of patrol. Besides allied forces also had an intention to establish a supply corridor through Iran helping Russia as Germany’s supremacy in military force comparing to Soviet Union was very clear. Iran declared it’s neutrality in the war however it couldn’t avoid from being invaded. This invasion caused many deep changes for Iran and the rest of the world. Iran King was changed by force; food shortage, economic inflation were occurred on the other hand new ports were established to secure supply support efficiently, railroads were expanded and new patrol wells were drilled and utilized.
        In 1941 a surprising military attack by Soviet Union and Britain provided surrender of Iran. Despite light casualties for both sides Iran kept it’s neutral approach and never declared war. As soon as both sides signed a ceasefire. Iran accepted to support allied forces without it’s military. First change was the exiling the King who had a sympathy towards axis forces, than his young son became the king. New king declared that he would support democracy and constitutional order as well as human rights. Protests had happened and suppressed by brutal power. Many people died, exiled. Communist Tudeh party was established also.
        At that time food shortage was a main problem, Iran became dependent to food support of invading forces of Britain. Work force of Iran were enforced to work in ports, patrol wells, railroads. Agriculture became less imported as a part of the plan so somehow Iran became highly dependent to Britain. The more people became hungry the more people were working for Britain’s support for Soviet Union.
 About seventy percent of the aid reached the Soviet Union via the Persian Gulf through Iran. During the support to Soviet Union Persians were helpless.
        Excess inflation brought hard times. By the year 1943, cost of living became eleven times harder comparing with the years 1936-1937. On the other hand expanding Iran textile industry by allied forces turned Iran to cotton importing country from a exporting one. However working conditions were terrible for Persian citizens. They found it hard to survive even filling their stomachs daily. Transportation systems were hugely expanded by allied forces. New ports were emerged, new patrol fields were established. Iran produced 17.1 million metric tons of crude petroleum by the year 1945, it was just 6.1 million in 1941.


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