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What Is Happiness? the Ingredients of Happiness

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Basan Sophie, PhEb-2-13

What is happiness? The ingredients of happiness.

What is happiness? People all over the world try to find the answer, but none of them can explain it exactly. Happiness is not something material, it's not the thing, it's not the feeling. The source of happiness is our own soul. Publilius  Serus said: "No man is happy who does not think himself so".

When we are healthy and feel good, we don't think about it, we can't estimate it. Sometimes people think that they constantly will be healthy. But illnesses come and we understand that health is too necessary.

Happiness is like a health. We do not observe how happy we are until we lose it. And we try to retrieve this feeling but it's too late. You can't buy it for money, can't exchange it, can't borrow. We accept that happiness will be forever, luck and smile always will chase us. Sometimes we even don't see our happiness and luck, because it's too habitually. When the problems come and our luck leave, we begin to value our past.

Happiness is a dream, is something that you need, your main idea, sense of your life. Happiness for poor man is a coin or piece of fresh bread, for rich man a million dollars is not enough. Lonely person want to find a family, unemployed man dream about good job and it's his part of happiness. Someone find his happiness in people, someone find one in hobbies or actions. Friends which give us a positive emotions, relatives and close people for us make our life Happiness is when you are understood by your family and friends. It is also love. It is the achievement of your goals and plans. A person feels happy when he finds his place in life.

Happiness is in activities that comes from the depth of the heart and it benefits people. Any favorite activity thing is a source of inspiration and satisfaction. Happiness is the ability to give. Happiness means not to lose the sharpness of perception and the freshness of the senses, it is to remain a honest and an open person, despite the difficulties of life. Happiness is in our ability to breathe, to feel, to be able to burn, to love, to suffer, to dream, to believe. Happiness of each person depends on himself and his attitude toward life.  


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