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Symbolism In Barn Burning

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A prime example of one of his most

symbolic works is "Barn Burning." Barn Burning

expresses symbolism through the white house, the

name of the land owner, the rug, the description

of the father, and what occurs after the father is

caught. The white house is symbolic because it

represents power in the South. This is shown when

the father says, "That's sweat. sweat. Maybe

it ain't white enough yet to suit him. Maybe he wants

to mix some white sweat with it" (12). The name of

the land owner can also be perceived as symbolic.

The land owners name is Major de Spain which symbolizes

power over others. The rug that is ruined also

illustrates how Abner Snopes does not respect authority.

He intentionally dirties the land owners brand new

and expensive rug. Not only does Abner dirty the rug

but he also scs it up with a rock and ruins it

completely. This is also an example of how he does not

want anyone to be better than he is. The father is

described as "something cut ruthlessly from tin" and as

"not dwarfed by the [white] house (10). This suggest

that Abner is a man that should be feared and that he

is a man that considers himself to be equal to the

strongest. One of the strongest examples of symbolism

in "Barn Burning" is after Abner is shot by the land

owner. His son, the character responsible for Abner

being shot,


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