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Our Reliance on Electricity

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Francis Arce

Professor Silver

English 104

September 12, 2017

Our Reliance On Electricity

Imagine there was a one-week power blackout in San Jose. Would the blackout effect our daily lives? Today electricity is something that people can't live without. To think without it, our lives would be so different in many ways. Let's discuss some of the ways an electrical power outage can affect our daily lives.

Television, People can use television and many other entertainment sources, such as radios and even the internet because of electricity. Not having these entertainment sources for a week is bizarre. Kids love to watch cartoons on the t.v, but parents use the television, the radio and even the internet at times to see or hear the news. Parents like to see the events that have occurred and/or upcoming events that might affect us in the future, such as a flood or a huge storm. If a power outage were to occur how will we be notified about any upcoming or current events? There wouldn't be any way to find out news if the television and all the other entertainment sources were down.which to me in my opinion is frightening, but also devastating.

Jobs, Tell me a kind of work or profession that doesn't need electricity. There isn't a single job that I know that doesn't need electricity. I work as a lifeguard at Raging Waters San Jose, California. You would probably think water slides aren't run by electricity, but they are. For the longest time I always thought they weren't until I came into work one day and found out they were. The park had been open for about 20 minutes until the music shut off then all of a sudden the slides started to shut off. At first I just thought the maintenance people shut the pipes off to work on something, but then I saw a few of them running, Then my boss comes up to me and says to start kicking people out of the water because the power went out. I was very


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