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Australias Involvement In Vietnam War - Opinion

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Australia's involvement in war overseas is what I think is necessary. But there are so many consequences to war. Too much heartache for those who don't return and those who are involved in the war. It is hard on everybody in the world. So I say no to war overseas.

The soldiers go through the worst experiences during the time they are fighting in the war. Firstly the conditions in which they fight are horrible. They walk through muddy and dense jungles through tough weather from the burning heat to the stormy rains. They live in rat and bug infested camps and bases where bombs are constantly dropped and bullets constantly fired at them. Secondly the fears of the soldiers when they fight. Everyday they get up knowing that this day could be their last. They know they may not survive and never see their loved ones again. Thirdly the loved ones the soldiers leave behind. Most of the men that march off to war will never see home or their family's again. They go to fight and die and the wives are left alone without a husband and the children without a father. It is not only the soldiers that face tough aftermaths and experiences but everyone else around them does to.

The civilians don't exactly face the same hardships as the soldiers but they come pretty close. An example of this is the victims from the attacks from the soldiers. The soldiers can just come in and take what they want from the innocent people. They did this in the Vietnam War and they wiped out entire villages killing many innocent people. Also the soldiers treated the villagers and farmers in fact all of the Vietnamese as guilty. The soldiers could not tell who was a Vietcong soldier or villager. Farmers, the soldiers had encountered, just turned around and started shooting them. So they treated all people like they were the enemy and stayed cautious. Another example is the survival of the survivors. Their crops and buildings were burned and all supplies such as food and water were taken. All that was left was the people standing with nothing left. Every native person in Vietnam was considered dangerous.

When the war is over


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