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Waltraud Ziervogel at Konnopke’s Imbiss - Reinventing a Berlin Icon

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Waltraud Ziervogel at Konnopke’s Imbiss: Reinventing a Berlin Icon

  1. Introduction

  1. What is Currywurst?

Currywrust is simply the mixture of finely ground pork or beef (occasionally) along with chili powder, curry powder and served alongside of some fries and ketchup. The interesting thing about this dish is that there is no single recipe but different variations occur throughout the various regions of Germany. Though the Berlin people are quick to remind that its sausage are better because they retain the skin and are deep fried rather than roasted.[pic 1]

  1. The History of the Konnopke’s Imbiss

The first place to serve the curry rust in the east side of the Berlin Konnopke’s snack bar. It was started by Max Konnopke and his spouse Charlotte. They stared with selling on the wooden tray, then to mobile snack bar and then in permanent fixture, they chose the corner of the subway where the shop has remained unchanged for the at sixty years.

Second Generation: Waltraud Ziervogel , the daughter of owner took the company reins in 1976. She added the famous metal Façade and expanded the seating Area

Third Generation: The third generation took reins in 2010 and opened a second branch in Heinersdorf near Weissensee . This typically served the blue collar and party goers on the weekends

  1. The Issue

The construction work was soon going to start on at the Subway near the Imbiss store, so due to constant work, dust and noise they had option of

  • Either shift to new place few meters distant and return when the work is completed
  • Or shift to the new posh locality of the Berlin and start the new business there. They would get financial Aid of 35000 Euros if they agreed to shift.
  • The third option was to just shut the shop for the entire period. This however was simply unacceptable because it involved loss of 75000Euros.
  1. Decisions

  1. Should Konnopke’s Imbiss generally stay in its current location or should it move?

Our decision: Relocate to new place few meters away, which means the location is nearly unchanged

At first, we’ll use the SWOT analysis to inform the later step of Konnopke’s Imbiss, demonstrating whether to stay or to move is better for Konnopke’s Imbiss to achieve success in the future market. The better choice should meet the following conditions: making the most of Konnopke’s Imbiss strength, minimizing its weakness, taking advantage of opportunities and avoid threats.

Konnopke’s Imbiss SWOT analysis

Internal Strength:

  • Good location: Konnapke’s Imbiss locates at the very heart of Prenzlauer Berg, the top spot of Berlin. There are many academics, business owners, tourists, students and construction workers, which covers a large amount of customer base.
  • Good word of mouth: Konnapke’s Imbiss is one of the most famous currywurst stand in the world, all of the travel guides praise the snack bar named Konnapke’s in Prenzlauer Berg.
  • Unique Position: Konnapke’s Imbiss stands differentiated in the currywurst market by positioning itself as Berlin’s most authentic snack bar. And the nostalgia position builds a strong emotional bonds with customer, which enhances customer loyalty to Konnapke’s Imbiss.

Internal weakness:

  • No promotion: Konnapke’s Imbiss have no advertisement of its products and the owner make no effort to seek out publicity. People know the snack bar as a Berlin icon from guide books, once Konnapke’s cut the connection with its location, the identity of Konnapke’s Imbiss wouldn’t be so strong.
  • Family business remaining no change:  Konnapke’s imbiss’s elements remains no change for 40 years, obviously, substantial change in place, price, product and promotion will have a big impact on its segmentation, the culture of business and customers’ attitude, which would not fit the small business.

External opportunities:

  • Unfulfilled market demand: As the gentrification of Prenzlauer Berg and an increasing number of tourists in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg will be full of well-salaried academics and tourists who are willing to pay for Konnapke’s Imbiss’s products. The large market potential can’t be ignored by Konnapke’s.

External threats:

  • Threats from other competitors: There are a lot of other Currywurst sellers competing with Konnapke’s imbiss, if Konnapke’s Imbiss cannot preserve its identity and brand core, it will be easy to be replaced by other sellers.

Comparing move and stay decision, we can conclude that it’s better for Konnapke’s Imbiss to relocated the store few meters away from current location. It will help Konnapke’s Imbiss established itself as a Berlin original and trademark, avoid negative change, make the most of market demand and distinctive itself from competition. Staying in the same place has played a big part in the preservation of Konnapke’s Imbiss’s identity and brand core.


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