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My Adventure

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My Adventure!!!

I'm writing a paper on my adventure to new Mexico.Im traveling with my grandma Liz she can be a pain.

My adventure started at 12:03 am on Thursday the 12th. I woke up and packed my

clothes, computer, and cell phone. I ate my chips that I got form the store day before. My

grandmas' friend picked us up at our house in white hills A,Z. He picked us up at 12:35

then drove us to Kingman, AZ. When we got there Walt drove us around until the

Amtrak train got there to pick us up at 2:03 am. The conductor took our tickets and we

sat in the seats he assigned to us. The train left the station and I got on my computer to

listen to the music I downloaded. As I was listening to the music I fell asleep, then I woke

and I had to use the restroom. I got lost on the train trying to find the restroom but then I

asked the conductor person going by and he told me it was on the bottom floor. I went

back to my seat and feel asleep because my computer died.

The next morning I woke up and went to the restroom, when I got back my grandma

was awake so we went to the dinner car but it took like thirty minutes to find it. My

grandma and I were sat down by a guy that worked on the train. We got sat down with

people that we don't even know but they were nice people form New York. My grandma

talked to them about the store that we used to live in. It was the only drive thru liquor

store in Nevada. The food was great and the cranberry juice was the tastiest thing ever.

After I got done eating I went to the observation car to plug in my computer. When I was

done charging my computer we were only four hours away form New Mexico. As the

four hours passed I meet this kid form san Diego going to Iowa to visit family. I don't

remember the kids name but we had fun talking and exchanging life stories, but then the

conductor on intercom said we were only five minutes away form Albuquerque. I

grabbed my stuff and told the kid bye and maybe we might see each other again. I went

to my seat and my gram already had her stuff. When we got off the train my grate aunt

pick us up wit her husband wig that's his nickname. Wig helped me with the baggage to

the car. When we got to their house I fell asleep on the floor.

The next morning I woke up and took a shower. After my shower I had breakfast at a

Cracker barrel. That was my second time going to the cracker barrel they have good food

I think. We all talked about the family and how life is, "I was board." We also talked

about how everyone is doing in school and about my cousins in California. We went

back to the house to see the balloon fest form the view. My grandma and my aunt went

walked back why'll me and Wig stood at the edge of the mountain. Wig and I went back

to the house to grab a basketball to play with him because, when I was little me and him

used to hang out together a lot, but he was too sore to play. I watched TV instead of

playing with Wig. As I was watching TV my aunt wondered if I was hungry I said no.

she came and watched the news with me and lots of other shows. My phone started too

ringing so I answered it, it was my cousin that just moved to cali. We talked for like an



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