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Last update: May 17, 2015
  • Good Communication Good Team

    Good Communication Good Team

    Good Communication, Good Team When one thinks of team he or she thinks of one unit, one organization or a group acting as one. The main purpose of the team is to come together to form a final conglomerate and product. When a team forms for a school or work project, it is understood that a goal is to be accomplish, but the biggest road block to a team is the lack of communication. Communication

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    Submitted: January 4, 2011
  • Good Corporate Governance

    Good Corporate Governance

    THE PRINCIPLE OF GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The main aim of a company must be located outside the company personally, that is located in the community because the company was the community's implement. Only had one legal definition for the aim of the company, which is to create the customer. The prepared customer paid the company that changed economic resources into the product that it was considered was valuable by the customer. Therefore then the company

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    Submitted: January 4, 2011
  • Casino Gambling Future Forecast

    Casino Gambling Future Forecast

    Casino and Casino-style Gambling - US - November 2006 Future and Forecast FUTURE TRENDS Digital television promises interactivity The following Figure shows retail sales of digital television at current prices, 2001-05. FIGURE 41: Total U.S. manufacturer wholesale sales of DTV sets and displays, at current prices, 2001-05 Year Sales at current prices $million Index % change 2001 2,648 100 - 2002 4,280 162 61.6 2003 6,521 246 52.4 2004 10,420 394 59.8 2005 (est.) 17,388

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    Submitted: January 5, 2011
  • Athletes Good Role Models?

    Athletes Good Role Models?

    In today's world, sport stars and other athletes are looked up to by all ages. Everyoneloves them. They look great in the eyes of the everyday public. They appear ontelevision, they perform like rock stars, and do this with the entire world watching. Nowonder we make heroes out of our favorites. They are seen, as heroes because they can dothings that most of us can't. They hit fastballs at 95 mph, leap at balls in

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    Submitted: January 5, 2011
  • Outsourcing Jobs

    Outsourcing Jobs

    Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries The American middle class is in danger of becoming defunct by the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries. Jobs that Americans once considered stable long-term employment are now being outsourced at a rising rate. If this trend continues, America could be the next third world country. How has this happened? What can the average American do about it? Outsourcing is not a new concept. As early as the 1900’s the

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    Submitted: January 5, 2011
  • The Good And Bad Of Muslim Arabs

    The Good And Bad Of Muslim Arabs

    The Good and Bad of Muslim’s and Arabs 1. Art, culture, literature, and the study of land is what come to my mind when I hear the term Orientalism. In my research I found Orientalism defined as the character or characteristics of oriental people; or a peculiarity or idiosyncrasy of oriental people, basically stating a group of Orientals that behave, think and have a feeling that is peculiar, odd or unusual. Orientalism refers to the

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    Submitted: January 8, 2011
  • Job


    This case Museo de la casa, was prepared by Professor David W. Young. In this case there is a museum in which there are three departments, such as audio, video and portable communication devices. This museum received donations of a wide variety of appliances which it then organized into displaying the history of each appliance’s department. The in charge of this museum is Ricardo Delgado. This case study is about the income statement about all

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    Submitted: January 8, 2011
  • Is There Any Future For The Commonwealth?

    Is There Any Future For The Commonwealth?

    Some people question the need of the Commonwealth, while other consider it as an indispensable organization. In my opinion, the Commonwealth does have a future. It has done significant work in the areas of health, human rights and education. In addition to this, it provides a sense of security for the small nations. I think this work is worth continuing. The Commonwealth has a comprehensive health programme, and central in this program is HIV /

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    Submitted: January 9, 2011
  • Do Cfo's Make Good Ceo's?

    Do Cfo's Make Good Ceo's?

    Introduction The CFO possesses many significant advantages as well as disadvantages if he/she is chosen to become the CEO. Recently an increasing number of company boards have decided that in order to best serve shareholders it is prudent to promote the CFO to CEO. CFOs themselves remain reticent about any personal ambitions beyond the CFO role - at least in public. But given this recent string of high profile promotions there is an increasing recognition

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    Submitted: January 10, 2011
  • Future


    Gries Investment Fund I, LLC, a Florida limited liability company, 4830 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 445, Tampa, Florida 33609 (the “Buyer”), hereby agrees with Bruce Harmon, 428 SW 9th Street, Cape Coral, Florida 33991 (the “Seller”), as follows: 1. Sale of the Shares. The Buyer hereby agrees to buy from the Seller, and the Seller hereby agrees to sell to the Buyer, 50,000 shares (the “Purchased Shares”) of Common stock in Alternative Construction Technologies, Inc.

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    Submitted: January 12, 2011
  • Green Tech And The Future

    Green Tech And The Future

    What do the Doha Round, Al Gore, and the Wall Street Journal all have in common? They all want to discuss green. No, we’re not talking about a color but a current trend in business where reducing the carbon footprint of companies as well as greenhouse gas emissions is becoming big business. On March 24th, 2008, the Eastern Edition of the Wall Street Journal published an entire section on going green and the business decisions

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    Submitted: January 13, 2011
  • Toyota: An Example Of “Good” Corporate Governance

    Toyota: An Example Of “Good” Corporate Governance

    1.0 INTRODUCTION Corporations the world over have been publicly criticized for improving their firm’s bottom line at any moral or social cost. Ethics essentially “refers to the issues of right, wrong, fairness and justice.” Clearly, examples such as Enron, WorldCom, and even Conrad Black tested society’s views on sound ethical business and the link to what society sees as “good” governance practices. Although the controversies involve issues matched in variety only by the types of

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    Submitted: January 18, 2011
  • Factors That Affect Job Selection

    Factors That Affect Job Selection

    Table of Contents Introduction 2 Literature Review 3 Gaming Industry in Macau 3 Career choice 4 Hypothesis 6 Salaries 6 Friends/relatives in casino industry 7 Working experience in casino 8 Methodology 10 A. Respondents 10 B. Procedures 10 C. Measurements 10 Results/ Data analysis 12 Descriptive statistics 12 Hypotheses Testing 13 Discussion 15 Management Implications 17 Conclusion 19 Limitations 20 References 21 Appendix 23 Introduction As everyone knows, Macau is a place which economy relies

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    Submitted: January 22, 2011
  • Gap Inc Future

    Gap Inc Future

    GAP Inc. Comparative Balance Sheets Gap Inc.’s 2006 balance sheet under assets shows a significant increase in the combined merchandise inventory and other current assets of $188 million and a slight decrease in their cash and cash equivalent by $5 million. Their short-term investment and restricted cash plunged -40% and -20% respectively losing $393 million. This was a result of Gap Inc.’s repurchasing their common stock shares and an increased in their capital expenditures. Common

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    Submitted: January 23, 2011
  • China's Future...What Path?

    China's Future...What Path?

    CHINA’S FUTURE…WHAT PATH? By XXXXXX XXXXXXXX What is all of the talk on China about? We hear its economy has grown tremendously and we read something new in the newspapers every day. Does everyone fear that China’s rapid growth and powerful economy will overtake the United States? Well, some people do and others don’t really think it is likely. What do I think? Watch out, China’s future will be a shock to almost everyone. Never

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    Submitted: January 24, 2011
  • The Board, The Executive And Good Corporate Governance

    The Board, The Executive And Good Corporate Governance

    THE BOARD, THE EXECUTIVE & GOOD GOVERNANCE Ladies and Gentlemen, this paper attempts to look at the board and individual directors in context to organisational development. To achieve this, the key roles and duties of the board and its directors will be fully reviewed in light of current corporate governance concerns. This paper relies heavily on Review of The Role and Effectiveness of Non-executive Directors вЂ" Higgs Review вЂ" (2003) and the Combined Code on

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    Submitted: January 26, 2011
  • Free Trade And Outsourcing: Good Or Bad?

    Free Trade And Outsourcing: Good Or Bad?

    Is it Bad? Does free trade and outsourcing damage the U.S. economy by purging jobs and discouraging domestic investment or does it eventually strengthen the U.S. economy? Many seemingly well-educated people believe outsourcing is bad for the economy. They see hardworking Americans' jobs shipped overseas leaving many people jobless, weakening the economy. President Bush feels so strongly about it that he recently signed a bill forbidding the outsourcing of federal contracts overseas ( Paul Craig

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    Submitted: March 2, 2011
  • Good Drugs

    Good Drugs

    School Uniforms Does a school uniform make your child safer? In studies done by several well know psychologists it is overwhelming the difference that a school uniform can make. Children are less violent, more aware of their studies and less likely to steal. School uniforms can make for a safer and more productive learning environment for your children. In the first example we are showing public schools without uniforms. This produces more violent behavior in

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    Submitted: March 3, 2011
  • In The Context Of International Tourism How Has Bristol's Tourism Developed From The Description In The Article By Buckley, P. J. And Witt, S.F (1985), To The Present Day And What It It's Potentional For The Future?

    In The Context Of International Tourism How Has Bristol's Tourism Developed From The Description In The Article By Buckley, P. J. And Witt, S.F (1985), To The Present Day And What It It's Potentional For The Future?

    In the context of international tourism how has Bristol's tourism developed from the description in the article by Buckley, P. J. and Witt, S.F (1985), to the present day and what it it's potentional for the future? In 1985 Buckley and Witt introduced the idea of there being Ð''difficult areas' for tourism to develop, they used Bristol as an example of this. They characterised a difficult area as somewhere that needs to enhance its infrastructure,

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • Analysis Of "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

    Analysis Of "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

    Erica Lynch October 24, 2005 English 113(03) Research Project #1 "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" Flannery O'Connor Jackson Jeen Alves. "Good Man". Racism Examples. Retrieved 20 October 2005. Summary In this short story "A Good Man Is A Hard to Find" there is a lot of racism going on in it. The grandmother is racist because she is a Southern white old woman who does not like as she called them "Negros." The

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • How To Cheat Good

    How To Cheat Good

    How to cheat good May 18th, 2006 I just submitted my last set of grades for the semester. This is always a big weight off my shoulders, but since it will be the last set of grades I ever submit at the University at Buffalo, it is an even greater relief. And so I think it's time for me to "give back" as the kids say. I had a 24 hour take home (distance course,

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • Why People Switch Job?

    Why People Switch Job?

    The prime objective of this survey report is to explore those reasons which lead the employee to job switching. Generally questionnaire was based on both open and close ended questions. Focuses were given on the following areas. Ð'* Principal reasons for leaving the job Ð'* Top five reasons that lead an employee decision to leave the organization Ð'* Top five items which are important to employee Ð'* Employee assessment on supervisor / management Ð'* Employee

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • Future Of Supermarkets

    Future Of Supermarkets

    10. The Future LONG TERM In the long term, the distinction between buying online and offline is likely to disappear, or at least become opaque. Even the concept of the Internet may seem confused beyond the medium term. The convergence of the Internet with mobile telephones and DTVs (digital televisions) will make the Internet an even cloudier place. Research performed by the Henley Research Centre suggests that shopping via the television will overtake Internet shopping

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • Is Human Cloning The Future For Infertile Couples

    Is Human Cloning The Future For Infertile Couples

    Is Human Cloning the Future for Infertile Couples? Imagine your doctor telling you that you have no more options; you'll never have a child of your own. You've gone through all the testing, taken hormone shots and tried in vitro fertilization (IVF). Your husband, grudgingly, had his sperm checked to make sure his count was significant. Nothing worked. Time after time, the doctor tells you that you aren't pregnant. Adoption is an option, but you

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    Submitted: March 4, 2011
  • Bt's Future

    Bt's Future

    B.T.'s Strategic Priorities * Keep a relentless focus on improving customer satisfaction. * Put broadband at the heart of B.T. * Create mobility services and solutions. * Transform our network for the 21st century. * Achieve competitive advantage through cost leadership. * Lead the world in network-centric ICT solutions. * Re-invent our traditional business. * Motivate our people and live the B.T. values. B.T. Groups structural problems. * Under attack about its treatment of competitors.

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    Submitted: March 5, 2011

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