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Last update: May 15, 2015
  • English Beauty

    English Beauty

    The air is crisp, and clean. All around you are fields of the most vibrant green, rolling hills and the most beautiful countryside you could imagine. You feel peace, and serenity here. You travel twenty minutes down a small, winding road and arrive in the most beautiful city on Earth. As you cross the London Bridge, you see the Eye of London, the worlds largest Ferris wheel, and Big Ben at the Tower of London.

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    Submitted: May 8, 2011
  • 1981 Ap English Essay On Araby

    1981 Ap English Essay On Araby

    In many literary works, there are allusions to myths, the bible, or other literary works. One such work is Araby by James Joyce, which contains biblical allusions. His story is narrated by a young boy of about twelve or thirteen, and it depicts his personal coming of age. Joyce's use of first person narration lets the reader be as innocent and wistful as the boy is, leading up to the incredible intensity of the boy's

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    Submitted: May 8, 2011
  • English Teacher

    English Teacher

    Narayan's novels are characterised by Chekhovian simplicity and gentle humour. He told stories of simple folks trying to live their simple lives in a changing world. The characters in his novels were very ordinary, down-to-earth Indians trying to blend tradition with modernisation, often resulting in tragi-comic situations. His writing style was simple, unpretentious and witty, with a unique flavour as if he were writing in the native tongue. Many of Narayan's works are rooted in

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    Submitted: May 8, 2011
  • English


    In The Heat of The Night In the small, sleepy town of Sparta, Mississippi, where they roll up the sidewalks at night, a police officer on a routine, boring nighttime patrol through the downtown stumbles across a dead body, a murdered man. The victim is a rich, white Chicago industrialist who was building a controversial factory in the town. The primary suspect, at least to this cop's black-and-white eye, is a lone black man,

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    Submitted: May 10, 2011
  • Short Story (Ap English Midterm) 95

    Short Story (Ap English Midterm) 95

    Tara and tom, part of an average family living on the northern coast of California, had a lot of family and friends but not many material things. Sure they were happy but they wanted more. Tara spent most of her day at a local clothing shop working and tom at a drug store just making there monthly bills and there small donation to charity. They barely had time to themselves Although Tara and Tom did

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    Submitted: May 11, 2011
  • English Patient

    English Patient

    Michael Ondaantje, author of The English Patient, and author Ernest Hemingway, who wrote A Farewell to Arms take the readers on a whole new journey set in the tragic time of war filled with stories of love and pain and loyalty which all of these feelings play an important role in the characters' lives. The English Patient is the story of four mentally and physically injured characters living in an Italian monastery as World War

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    Submitted: May 11, 2011
  • English Lit. Annalysis

    English Lit. Annalysis

    Stacia Sawyer English 102, Spring 2007 March 11, 2007 Reading response # 7 Throughout the novel "Kindred" the reader is witness to Dana's turbulent journeys' into the nineteenth century. Each trip ultimately ends when she feels that there is an inanimate fear for her life, gradually her fears begin to acclimate to the brutality that is an acceptable part of that era. With each leap into the past Dana is exposed to what it means

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    Submitted: May 12, 2011
  • English As Second Language

    English As Second Language

    Sports Update November 2007 The month of November was very successful for Leeds Met sports. Each Wednesday Leeds Met has been racking up wins in every sport while most of the teams stand alone at the top of their respective table. The Carnegie tradition can be seen throughout the campus and beyond letting people know that Leeds Met stands for excellence in sport. Come out and show your support on Wednesday's, you are sure to

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    Submitted: May 14, 2011
  • History Of English Sports

    History Of English Sports

    History of English Sports Sports are a favorite pastime of everybody. Through out history, sports have been a predominate part of each individual culture. English sports have arguably had the greatest impact of the sports played in the world today. Almost all of the sports we have come to know and love today have their origins in England. Though English sports are not played by everyone, they have left a lasting legacy on the world

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    Submitted: May 16, 2011
  • 500 English Sentences

    500 English Sentences

    500 ENGLISH SENTENCES Issue(s) of Contention Mr Honda: Fear of losing face Japanese culture is known for its highly collectivistic nature. They always visualize themselves as part of a group and interactions are supposed to be group vs. group and never individual vs. individual. They are perceptive of their position in the society in relation to acting differently or independently. One of their greatest fears is being detested by the society. In this particular instance,

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    Submitted: May 17, 2011
  • English Destruction Via Euphemisms And Rap

    English Destruction Via Euphemisms And Rap

    Throughout history speakers of the English language have struggled with representing their ideas and thoughts clearly and accurately. Many find it challenging, at times, to write down what they mean in a manner that makes sense to anyone but themselves. Politicians seem to have the opposite problem; their ideas are too clear and the general public understands them. Politicians often want to use confusing words and phrases to disguise the true meaning. Whether they

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    Submitted: May 22, 2011
  • English - Stolen

    English - Stolen

    Stolen Dialogue reveals how spoken language expresses meaning not only at the spoken level but through the implied meaning. It can be said that what's left out of a conversation is sometimes more important than what is put in. Jane Harrison's Stolen is an honest and compassionate play that follows the lives of five aboriginal kids who have been stolen from their families as part of the governments' assimilationist agenda. Harrison employs a range of

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    Submitted: May 23, 2011
  • English Vocab

    English Vocab

    1. Draconian: harsh; extremely severe His father placed draconian rules on him; making him come home at an early hour and making him do all the chores in the house. 2. Insouciance: lack of care or concern Her insouciance for sports made her become overweight. 3. Ipso Facto: by the fact itself; by the very nature of the deed When a sentence is set down in the law in words of the present tense,

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    Submitted: May 26, 2011
  • Analysing The Performance Of The English Premier League

    Analysing The Performance Of The English Premier League

    Analyzing the Performance of the English F.A. Premier League With an Econometric Frontier Model CARLOS PESTANA BARROS Technical University of Lisbon STEPHANIE LEACH Imperial College London This article uses an econometric frontier model to evaluate the performance of football clubs present in the English F.A. Premier League from 1998-1999 to 2002-2003, combining sport and financial variables. A stochastic Cobb-Douglas production frontier model is used to generate football club efficiency scores.We conclude that the price of

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    Submitted: May 27, 2011
  • How To Get An A In English

    How To Get An A In English

    It is very important too get good grades in school. It is even more important to get good grades in English. For some of us though, it may get a bit complicated so I will discuss three ways how to make sure you get an A in English class or at least do not fail it. The three I think are most important are showing up for class, taking notes, and doing your homework. And

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    Submitted: May 28, 2011
  • English


    Shooting an Elephant, first published in 1950, is one of George Orwell's most famous autobiographical essays where he emphatically criticizes imperialism by bringing forth an incident of killing an elephant. Orwell is also one of the few writers who have examined imperialism strictly from the ethical point of view. At the time to which Shooting an Elephant relates, Orwell was a sub-divisional police officer in the town of Moulmein in lower Burma which was under

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    Submitted: May 29, 2011
  • The English Housewife In Taming Of The Shrew

    The English Housewife In Taming Of The Shrew

    Katherine: The English Housewife The English Hus-wife, the second book in a two book compilation entitled Countrey Contentments written by Gervase Markham, flourished as a best seller in the early seventeenth century. Published in 1615, Markham extends the title to further elaborate the purpose of the book by advertising its "Contayning, The inward and outward virtues which ought to be in a compleat woman. As her skill in Physicke, Cookery, Banqueting-stuffe, Distillation, Perfumes, Wool, Hemp,

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    Submitted: May 30, 2011
  • English Oral Presentation

    English Oral Presentation

    Slide 1: Title/Question How does Atwood create parallels and contrast between the 20th century feminism and the oppression of women in Gilead? Slide 2: Introduction Good morning, class. The question I will be analysing today is " How does Atwood create parallels and contrasts between 20th century feminism and the oppression of women in Gilead? " I will first look at some background information on the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, then I will look

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    Submitted: May 30, 2011
  • Strategies To Write In English

    Strategies To Write In English

    Strategies to Write In English The writing process is an important part in academic writing. Pursuing a career or profession in any field requires someone to have a certain level of proficiency in writing. For most people it is evidently easier for them to produce a quality writing in their own language as it is always harder to write in a second language. For me, I speak three different languages, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, which is

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    Submitted: May 31, 2011
  • Drama As A Means Of Improving The Advocacy Skills Of Non-English-Speaking-Background Students

    Drama As A Means Of Improving The Advocacy Skills Of Non-English-Speaking-Background Students

    Drama as a Means of Improving the Advocacy Skills of Non-English-Speaking-Background Students Chamkaur Gill Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Bond University, Australia This paper will discuss the problems facing overseas-Asian students who study law in Western universities and will deal with how drama can help improve their English-language oral-communication skills. A profile of the average student belonging to a high-context, relational culture will be provided with the aim of showing why such a

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    Submitted: June 2, 2011
  • English


    Feste's songs and their contribution to major themes of the play Music played an important part in the sixteenth and seventeenth century during which Shakespeare was writing. Maybe this is the reason why there are frequent references to music in most Shakespeare's dramas. Shakespeare's plays like The Tempest and Twelfth Night are rich in songs and music. The play Twelfth Night has four main songs all sung by Feste. Feste is officially the Clown in

    Essay Length: 1,388 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: June 2, 2011
  • English B 33

    English B 33

    occur, it was described as the "war to end all wars" reinforcing the view that it was a cataclysmic event which should never be re-enacted upon society. British public became disillusioned with the use of force in international relations and as a result sought an approach consisting of an effective system of collective security. In post war society anti-war books, films and poems all became increasingly well liked and several pacifist pressure groups were formed

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    Submitted: June 2, 2011
  • English Settlers On New World

    English Settlers On New World

    The English settlers who settled in the New World originally had no idea that a few colonies would one day become a well-established nation. When explorers first landed in North America, many were astounded and attempted to shape the New World through the Native Americans. While the Indians themselves were not treated humane, they were forced to share parts of their own culture with the English, and therefore, helping the colonists rise to an advantage

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    Submitted: June 3, 2011
  • English Works

    English Works

    Feminist/Historical Criticism Unite Within Individual Desire and Group Responsibility Henrik Ibsen, author of A Doll House and Arthur Miller, author of Death of a Salesman, explicitly demonstrates great conflict between individual desire and group responsibility. Many characters in both texts portray a role of narcissism and selfishness. However, digging a bit deeper, its inevitable to find the true existence of these motives are not out of selfishness, but instead due to the prior responsibility toward

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    Submitted: June 4, 2011
  • Fahrenheit 451 Outline Of Pgs 99-101

    Fahrenheit 451 Outline Of Pgs 99-101

    Introduction Catch/attention grabber: Have verbal things ever made you feel an emotion? Bridge: My excerpt is located on pages 99 through 101 in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Thesis: Ray Bradbury uses sound devices, irony, and figure of speech in order to Develop the mood of sadness and loneliness I. Sound Devices a. Rhyme i. "Ah, love, let us be true, to one another! For the world, which seems to lie before us like a land

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    Submitted: June 5, 2011

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