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Last update: May 27, 2015
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution

    Feudalism and Unfair Taxation No one factor was directly responsible for the French Revolution. A year of feudal oppression and fiscal mismanagement contributed to a French society that was ripe for revolt. Noting a downward economic spiral in the late 1700s, King Louis XVI brought in a number of financial advisors to review the weakened French treasury. Each advisor reached the same conclusionвЂ"that France needed a radical change in the way it taxed the publicвЂ"and

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  • The American Revolution: A Last Resort To A Liberalist Ideology

    The American Revolution: A Last Resort To A Liberalist Ideology

    Liberalism was a fundamental ideology of the colonists that became a principle catalyst for the American Revolution. Guided by years of financial and cultural independence and stability, the American colonists were becoming increasingly distinct from their English counterparts thousands of miles across the sea. With the English empire struggling to maintain dominance over the colonies, it was merely a matter of time before the colonists pursued a government on the basis of individual liberty. Liberalism

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  • French Vs American Revolution

    French Vs American Revolution

    The French and American revolutions are both very significant in the world’s history. The American Revolution happened first, around the last half of the 18th century where the Thirteen Colonies became the United States of America, and gained independence from the British Empire. The French revolution on the other hand, was from 1789 until the turn of the century 1799. For the French people this was a period of political and social turmoil. The idea

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  • Out Break Of The American Revolution

    Out Break Of The American Revolution

    Outbreak of the American Revolution 2 The connection between Britain and the English colonies was that of the ruling of the colonies by the king of Britain, King George III and his parliament. The king’s ruling was very unfavorable for the colonists because of his tyrannic dictatorship and unjustly taxations. The mere thought of an island ruling an entire continent thousands of miles away with poor communication and lack of supervision of the colonies by

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  • Dell War And Conflict Revolution

    Dell War And Conflict Revolution

    War and Conflict There are various factors that contribute to the stem of war and conflict. With the shit of interstate to intrastate and the capacity of non-state actors of mega-violence modern militaries have rebuild their capacities to adapt to the formation of new threats. Some examples are non-state radicals, traditional criminal elements, and rouge states that are characterized by asymmetric warfare in this new era of conflict. Dell has created a theory of conflict

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution

    The industrial Revolution The industrial Revolution began in England and was a time in the 18th and 19th centuries when the use and production of machinery grew rapidly. During this time there were key advancements in technology that changed the way we manufacture produce, harvest food, and transport people and goods from then on. This new trend spread from Europe onto North America then Great Britain and on to the world. Industrialization changed the way

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  • Grenada Revolution

    Grenada Revolution

    Prior to March 13, 1979, few people had ever heard of Grenada, one of the smallest countries of the Western Hemisphere. It all began in 1973, when the National Jewel Movement (NJM) formed to oppose the dictatorship of Eric Gairy, successor to British colonial rule, who was as treacherous and brutal as Papa Doc was in Haiti. Many activists, both in Grenada and worldwide, were inspired by the movement's call for a populist socialism. After

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  • Green Revolution

    Green Revolution

    In the 1940s, the Green Revolution was introduced to the world. The Green Revolution consisted of new methods of harvesting crops, fertilizers and pesticides were introduced, and companies were able to mass produce crops. This revolution started when the Rockefeller Foundation launched a research project to hope to improve the agriculture in Mexico#. New technological advances helped the revolution spread on account of the fact that a new, more effective and productive way to harvest

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution was the social and economic changes that occurred when manufacturing shifted from people’s homes and shops to factories. It was a time of dramatic change, from hand tools and handmade items, to products which were mass produced by machines. Life generally improved, but the industrial revolution also proved harmful. Pollution increased, working conditions were harmful, and capitalists employed women and young children, making them work long and hard hours. The shift to

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  • 1.	Discuss Whether The Scientific Revolution And The Reformation Were “Revolutionary”.

    1. Discuss Whether The Scientific Revolution And The Reformation Were “Revolutionary”.

    1. Discuss whether the Scientific Revolution and the Reformation were “revolutionary”. What does it mean to be revolutionary? To be revolutionary is to be, as defined by as “markedly new or introducing radical change”. It is my educated opinion to believe that the scientific revolution and the reformation were both revolutionary without a doubt. A revolution involves change, mass amounts of change which affects nearly everything. It’s not a change of wardrobe, or a

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  • American Revolution

    American Revolution

    Revolutionary War The revolutionary war was also know as the American revolution. The revolutionary war began in in 17 and ended in its cessation in 1783. British soldiers and American patriots fought at Lexington, Massachusetts and nearby Concord. In 1783 the Treaty of Paris ended the war. Great Britain was forced to recognize the independence of the 13 colonies of the United States. The Revolutionary War in America led to the birth of a new

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution

    I decided to write about chapter three because I really like learning about the Industrial Revolution and how it changed the entire economy. The first document I read about was very hard to understand. Most of it seemed like someone who didn't have a clue what they were talking about, yet other parts promise to help all people in need. Emma Lazars was the daughter of a prosperous Jewish family in New York, she wrote

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  • Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution

    Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution

    Chavez and his bolivarian Revolution f you only listen to what the Bush administration or the corporate media have to say about what is happening in Venezuela, you probably have a distorted view of that country. What you may not know is that since 1998 seven nationwide elections and referenda have shown that support for President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution has steadily grown. His movement's reform programs, Constitutional revisions, and strong opposition to

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  • The Gay Teen Revolution

    The Gay Teen Revolution

    Summer Storm is not one's typical teen romantic comedy. The German-made film is sweeping into North American movie theatres this month. It features Tobi, an awkward teenage boy, falling in love with Achim, his best friend, at a summer rowing camp. He is befriended by Leo, a handsome boy who rows with the Queer Schlag, a team composed of all gay boys. A heart wrenching and melancholic coming of age tale ensues, in which

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  • Two Extremes Of The Opt-Out Revolution

    Two Extremes Of The Opt-Out Revolution

    Two Extremes Of The Opt-Out Revolution What opting out means for women in the US Women in the Economy - Research Paper Two Extremes Of The Opt-Out Revolution Econ 183 вЂ" Women in the Economy - Research Paper Introduction: In October of 2003, Lisa Belkin of the New York Times wrote an article, titled “The Opt-Out Revolution,” and coined the word “opting-out”. The article is about the counter-feminist phenomenon of “high-powered, prestigiously educated women who

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  • Women And The Revolution

    Women And The Revolution

    Women participated in virtually every aspect of the French Revolution, but their participation almost always proved controversial. Women's status in the family, society, and politics had long been a subject of polemics. In the eighteenth century, those who favored improving the status of women insisted primarily on women's right to an education (rather than on the right to vote, for instance, which few men enjoyed). The writers of the Enlightenment most often took a traditional

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  • Songs Of Revolution

    Songs Of Revolution

    Music and singing were fundamentally important parts of the revolutionary experience. Amateurs and formally trained composers alike produced thousands of songs and hymns to celebrate or criticize the Revolution. Men and women sang during revolutionary festivals, in bars, cafÐ"©s, and theaters, and they fought with others who dared to sing royalist or reactionary songs. Theater audiences struck up enthusiastic choruses when news of military victories were announced, and mothers taught the latest tunes to their

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  • Assesment Of Victory And Defeat In The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Assesment Of Victory And Defeat In The Cuban Missile Crisis

    INTRODUCTION The closest the world has come to nuclear war was the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. The Soviets had installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of the United States. U.S. armed forces were at their highest state of readiness and demanded that the Soviet Union remove these missiles and imposed a naval blockade on Cuba, threatening to sink any Soviet ships that approached the island without permitting their

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  • Charles Dickens And The French Revolution

    Charles Dickens And The French Revolution

    Charles Dickens and the French Revolution Charles Dickens uses his deep characterization, intricate plot schemes, and his vast knowledge to create a wonderful story set during the French Revolution. He was committed in his writings to make everyone aware of the events during the revolution and also able to show the other themes inside the story. Most readers understand the theme of resurrection as the most targeted idea Dickens had sought to bring out

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution, like most revolutions, forever changed not only the industrial and agrarian worlds; it also left its stamp on the social, cultural, economic and political fabric of society. It brought with it the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, poverty and wealth, speed and fury, the small and the big, and paved the way for the world we now live in. The causes of the Industrial Revolution were complex and

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  • Napoleon And The French Revolution

    Napoleon And The French Revolution

    Napoleon's career and policies both destroyed and preserved aspects of the Revolution. Napoleon gave the people rhetoric about liberty, rather than giving it to them. This is best seen through his using of the plebiscite and crowing himself emperor. By taking all of the power for himself, Napoleon went against certain ideals of the Revolution. However, Napoleon did make efforts to preserve some aspects of the Revolution. This is shown through his creation of the

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  • Cuban Missile Crises

    Cuban Missile Crises

    Thirteen Days of Chaos Ð'ЃgAlthough it may seem that the events of the seven days between October fifteenth and the twenty eighth unfolded at a blinding pace, the entire incident known as the Ð'ЃeCuban Missile CrisesÐ'Ѓf, was the culmination of a longer process.Ð'Ѓh (1). This longer process was known as The Cold War which lasted roughly thirty years starting around the year nineteen fifty. Though there were many scary times during this nuclear struggle between

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  • A Note On The Cuban Cigar Industry

    A Note On The Cuban Cigar Industry

    Even for the uneducated cigar smoker, Cuban cigars are known as the upper echelon of style and class. They have a distinct taste and feel and are considered by some as containing the world's best tobacco. Cuba's land is possibly the ideal place to grow the most tempting cigar tobacco in the world. Though other countries are making very similar cigars, Cuba's mystique still has a strong hold over cigar aficionados worldwide. Given the current

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution The era known as the Industrial Revolution was a period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textile and metal manufacture, transportation, economic policies and the social structure in England, then spread through Europe and America. The changes occurred during 1760- 1850. Since London is England's capital it was largely affected. The industrial revolution began in the late 1700's with inventions such as the spinning jenny, steam engine, flying shuttle, water-powered frame.

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  • Compare And Contrast Tale Of Two Cities And The French Revolution

    Compare And Contrast Tale Of Two Cities And The French Revolution

    Compare and Contrast Tale of Two Cities and the French Revolution In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, there are many references made by Dickens to the French Revolution. At times some of these references can be considered questionable. The references that I have researched include the storming of the Bastille, the guillotine and the aristocracy. The Bastille was a fortress and state prison in Paris until its demolition which started

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