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Your'E Life Is Over

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"You're life is over"

It all started June 15, 2000, the year I found out I was pregnant. The phrase that stuck in my head was You're life is over. This is what my family kept telling me over and over again. I was only sixteen years old. I was so upset with myself. I knew I had many plans for my life as far as school. I knew that raising a child wouldn't be an easy task. The fact that I had let my family down was the real issue that I couldn't let go. The fact that my family kept telling me my life was over, I soon believed it.

Soon after going through nine months of pregnancy my precious son was here. He was born February 10, 2003. He was a truly vibrant creature. The moment I saw him tears of joy immediately rolled down my eyes. All the negative comments my family kept saying went out the window. I can remember my grandma looking at him saying how precious he was. My grandmother was one of the only ones who assured me that everything would be all right and that I would get through this. From the moment my grandma told me this I knew everything would be fine.

Meanwhile after taking my son home, where I had to face the rest of my family my confidence went back out the window. I had to stay home from school for six weeks. I had enough assignments to last me the entire time. As soon as I would start on an assignment my son would start to cry. I can remember many times crying along with him. I really didn't have much help with him because at my house everyone worked. I was often home alone, sometimes scared and clueless about taking care of him. The thought of me not being able to pursue my dreams of finishing school and going to college went through my head everyday. There were many times I had to miss school to take my son to the hospital because he was sick. I didn't think I would make it through high school.

Several months had passed my spirits were very low. I was so stressed out from being up all night and having to go to school early in the morning. Not to mention every morning was a struggle. I had to wake up at least two hours early to dress my son and myself. I also had to drop him off at daycare every morning before school. I also had to make time in between working a part-time job and my son to study and do homework. It wasn't an easy task,



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